Resources for Data Science



"Data Science is the extraction of knowledge from data"

It employs techniques and theories drawn from many fields within the broad areas of

Computer Science
Machine Learning


Azure Machine Learning Flowing Data KDNuggets
Cross Validated Government Open Data of Thailand Learn Data Science
Data Science in Thailand Github Metamarkets
Data Science Weekly Global Open Data Index Open Source Data Science Masters
DataOnFocus Harvard Data Science Reddit Machine Learning Subreddit
Data Science Masters Hunch R-Bloggers
Datatau InfoMobius Simply Statistics

Online Courses

Analysis of Algorithms Introduction to Big Data Process Mining: Data science in Action
Bioinformatic Methods I & II Introduction to Programming with MATLAB R Programming
Cluster Analysis in Data Mining Introduction to Recommender Systems Regression Models
Data Scientist’s Toolbox Machine Learning Reproducible Research
Data Visualization Neural Networks for Machine Learning Text Mining and Analytics
Developing Data Products Programming for Everybody (Python) Text Retrieval and Search Engines
Exploratory Data Analysis Pattern Discovery in Data Mining  
Getting and Cleaning Data Practical Machine Learning  
Analytics Edge Data Structures and Algorithms Part 2 Introduction to Computational Thinking and Data Science
Data Analysis: Take It to the MAX() Data, Analytics and Learning Statistics and R for the Life Sciences
Data Structures and Algorithms Part 1 Introduction to Big Data with Apache Spark Wiretaps to Big Data
Data Analysis with R Intro to Algorithms Intro to Statistics
Data Analyst Nanodegree Intro to Descriptive Statistics Model Building and Validation
Data Visualization and D3.js Intro to Inferential Statistics Real-Time Analytics with Apache Storm
Data Wrangling with MongoDB Intro to Machine Learning  
Basic overview of Big Data Hadoop Introduction to Analytics and the Language of SAS R Basics - R Programming Language Introduction
Data Visualization Essentials for Presentations: Intro Introduction to Data Science Scraping and Data Mining for Beginners and Pros
Getting Started with Google Analytics Operational and Machine Data with Splunk  
Other Courses
Analyzing Big Data with Twitter GalaXQL Intro to Hadoop and MapReduce
Convex Optimization How to Process, Analyze and Visualize Data Statistical Computing
Dealing with Massive Data Introduction to Data Mining Data Warehousing and Data Mining
Data Warehousing and Data Mining Introduction to MATLAB


Advances in Computational Mathematics Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Journal of Visualization
Advances in Data Analysis and Classification Data Science Journal Journal on Data Semantics
Annals of Data Science EPJ Data Science Lifetime Data Analysis
Big Data Information Visualization Machine Learning
Big Data Research Journal of Big Data Social Network Analysis and Mining
Computational Statistics & Data Analysis Journal of Intelligent Information Systems Learning From Data