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How to reserve Stang Co-learning online
สงวนสิทธิ์การจองห้องผ่านช่องทางออนไลน์เฉพาะ นักศึกษา อาจารย์ และบุคลากร คณะวิทยาศาสตร์ เท่านั้น
Step 1: Log in

Enter your Mahidol internet account. And choose your status.

how to log in
Step 2: Select room A, B or C and time scheduler
Select room A, B or C and time scheduler
Step 3: Invite friends to join reservation group

Your friends can join by scan QR code with smart phones or input ticket number in box on Stang Co-learning homepage from another devices.

Note: Your group must have at least 3 or 5 members to reserve room. And room are not reserve until you finish form.

Scan QR code
Ticket number input box
Step 4: Join group to reserve room

When your friends scan QR code or input ticket number. Log in page will be appear if your friends is not log in and then finish join.

Finish join group to reserve room
Group list
Step 5: Select purpose room use for
purpose form
Step 6: Read TOS and save
Term Of Service