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Muir’s textbook of pathology

AUTHOR  Muir, Robert, Sir, 1864-1959 CALL NO QZ4 M953t 2020 IMPRINT Boca Raton : CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, c2020 (For MU Student and Staff can request here)       This classic text sets a...

Pathology review & practice guide

AUTHOR – CALL NO QZ18.2 P297 2017 IMPRINT Edmonton, Alberta : Brush Education Inc., c2017 (For MU Student and Staff can request here)     Prepare for licensing exams offered by the Royal College of Physicians...

Pathology (BRS)

CALL NO QZ18.2 G977p 2021 AUTHOR Gupta, Mary Elizabeth Peyton IMPRINT Philadelphia, Pa. : Wolters Kluwer, c2021