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Journal titles from American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) : American Journal of Physics, Physics Teacher, and Physical Review Special Topics - Physics Education Research

Faculty of Science Subscription | Published by AAPT

Launched in the early 1970s, ABI/INFORM remains the gold standard when it comes to business research databases. ABI/INFORM Complete’s massive content set—which includes important full‐text journals and much sought‐after titles from the business press as well as key trade publications, dissertations, conference proceedings, and market reports—will help today’s researchers resolve tomorrow’s problems.

ThaiLIS Subscription | Published by ProQuest

Academic Search Complete is the world's most valuable and comprehensive scholarly, multi-disciplinary full-text database, with more than 8,500 full-text periodicals, including more than 7,300 peer-reviewed journals. In addition to full text, this database offers indexing and abstracts for more than 12,500 journals and a total of more than 13,200 publications including monographs, reports, conference proceedings, etc. The database features PDF content going back as far as 1887, with the majority of full text titles in native (searchable) PDF format. Searchable cited references are provided for more than 1,400 journals.

ThaiLIS Subscription | Published by EBSCO

AccessMedicine from McGraw-Hill Medical is a comprehensive online medical resource that provides a complete spectrum of knowledge from the best minds in medicine, with essential information accessible anywhere. AccessMedicine provides medical students with a variety of resources needed to excel in basic science studies and clerkships; helps residents, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants with instant access to videos, self-assessment, and leading medical textbooks that facilitate decision-making at the point-of-care; and allows practicing physicians to brush up on their medical knowledge to ensure the best patient outcome.

Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital Subscription | Published by McGraw-Hill

AccessPediatrics from McGraw-Hill Medical covers the entire span of pediatric practice, from neonatology through adolescent medicine. Updated regularly and optimized for viewing on any device, this comprehensive online pediatric resource provides instant access to information essential for completing evaluation, diagnosis, and case management decisions, as well as for pursuing research or self-assessment and board review -- all in one place.

Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital Subscription | Published by McGraw-Hill

The ACM Digital Library is a research, discovery and networking platform containing: The Full-Text Collection of all ACM publications, including journals, conference proceedings, technical magazines, newsletters and books.

ThaiLIS Subscription | Published by ACM

ACS began the publication of chemical research with the Journal of the American Chemical Society in 1879. Today, ACS publishes 50 peer-reviewed journals with cutting-edge articles across a broad spectrum of scientific disciplines. The breadth and scope of ACS Publications journals is unparalleled, stretching across chemistry, physics, and biology.

ThaiLIS Subscription | Published by ACS

Adis is a leading international publisher of drug-focused content and solutions. As part of Springer Nature, we support a global audience working in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry; medical research, practice and teaching; drug regulation and reimbursement; and adjacent markets such as finance and consulting.

Faculty of Pharmacy | Published by Springer

The AGORA programme, set up by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO) together with major publishers, enables developing countries to gain access to an outstanding digital library collection in the fields of food, agriculture, environmental science and related social sciences. AGORA provides a collection of up to 8,200 key journals and up to 22,000 books to more than 3,100 institutions in more than 115 countries. AGORA is designed to enhance the scholarship of the many thousands of students, faculty and researchers in agriculture and life sciences in the developing world. AGORA is one of the four programmes that make up Research4Life: AGORA, HINARI, OARE and ARDI.

Free Database | Published by FAO

AGRIS is the international information system for the agricultural sciences and technology. It was created by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in 1974, to facilitate information exchange and to bring together world literature dealing with all aspects of agriculture. AGRIS is a cooperative system in which participating countries input references to the literature produced within their boundaries and, in return, draw on the information provided by the other participants. To date, 240 national, international and intergovernmental centres participate.

Free Database | Published by FAO

AIP Publishing’s portfolio comprises 19 highly regarded, peer-reviewed journals, including the flagship journals Applied Physics Letters, Journal of Applied Physics, and The Journal of Chemical Physics, in addition to the AIP Conference Proceedings.

List of AIP journals subscribed

Faculty of Science Subscription | Published by AIP

Annual Reviews provides a definitive academic resource in 34 scientific disciplines (Biomedical Sciences, Physical Sciences, Social Sciences). Editorial committees comprised of the most distinguished scholars in the discipline select all topics for review, and the articles are written by authors who are recognized experts in the field.

Annual Reviews publications are among the highest cited publications by impact factor according to the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI).

- List of e-Journals (Coverage year : Vol.1 - 2016)

Mahidol University Subscription | Published by Annual Reviews, Inc.

Physical Review journals from the American Physical Society (APS)

Faculty of Science Subscription | Published by APS

The American Physiological Society (APS) is a nonprofit devoted to fostering education, scientific research, and dissemination of information in the physiological sciences. The Society was founded in 1887 with 28 members. APS now has over 10,500 members. Most members have doctoral degrees in physiology and/or medicine (or other health professions).

Faculty of Science Subscription | Published by The American Physiological Society (APS)

Open access to 1,346,131 e-prints in Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Quantitative Biology, Quantitative Finance, Statistics, Electrical Engineering and Systems Science, and Economics

Free Database | Published by Cornell Univ.

The American Society for Microbiology is the largest single life science society, composed of over 47,000 scientists and health professionals. ASM's mission is to promote and advance the microbial sciences.

- List of e-Journals

Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital Subscription | Published by ASM

American Society of Mechanical Engineers SME is the premier professional membership organization for more than 120,000 mechanical engineers and associated members worldwide. ASME also conducts one of the world's largest technical publishing operations in the world, offering thousands of titles including some of the profession's most prestigious journals, conference proceedings, and ASME Press books.

- List of ASME Journals

Mahidol University Subscription | Published by ASME

60 Titles of ASTM Handbooks, Reference Books, Manuals
ASTM International, originally known as the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), is one of the largest voluntary standards development organizations in the world - a trusted source for technical standards for materials, products, systems, and services. Known for their high technical quality and market relevancy, ASTM International standards have an important role in the information infrastructure that guides design, manufacturing and trade in the global economy.

Mahidol University Subscription | Published by iGroup

AuthorMapper, an online tool for visualizing scientific research, enables document discovery based on author locations and geographic maps. Integrating content and mapping technology, AuthorMapper provides an easy-to-use.

Free Database | Published by Springer Nature

BMC has an evolving portfolio of some 300 peer-reviewed journals, sharing discoveries from research communities in science, technology, engineering and medicine. In 1999 we made high quality research open to everyone who needed to access it – and in making the open access model sustainable, we changed the world of academic publishing.

- Membership discount for research staff and students at Mahidol University

Free Database | Published by BMC

bioRxiv (pronounced "bio-archive") is a free online archive and distribution service for unpublished preprints in the life sciences. It is operated by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, a not-for-profit research and educational institution. By posting preprints on bioRxiv, authors are able to make their findings immediately available to the scientific community and receive feedback on draft manuscripts before they are submitted to journals.

Free Database | Published by CSH

Best Practice is a completely new concept for information delivered at the point of care. In a single source we have combined the latest research evidence, guidelines and expert opinion – presented in a step-by-step approach, covering prevention, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis. Best Practice provides a second opinion in an instant, without the need for checking multiple resources.

Faculty of Medicine (Siriraj & Ramathibodi) Subscription | Published by BMJ

BMJ Journals provides high quality content for health professionals and researchers across the world. Our journals include not only The BMJ, but some of the most influential speciality journals in their field.

Faculty of Medicine (Siriraj & Ramathibodi) Subscription | Published by BMJ

Books@Ovid offers the complete text of these sources in a highly interlinked and easily navigated graphical interface, giving quick access to crucial diagnostic, research, and reference information.(Restricted : MU access only)

Faculty of Medicine (Siriraj & Ramathibodi) Subscription| Published by OVID Technologies

Business Source Complete is the world's definitive scholarly business database, providing the leading collection of bibliographic and full text content. As part of the comprehensive coverage offered by this database, indexing and abstracts for the most important scholarly business journals back as far as 1886 are included. In addition, searchable cited references are provided for more than 1,300 journals.

Mahidol University Subscription | Published by EBSCO

Cambridge Core, e-books database which contains more than 2,374 titles of all disciplines published in 2020-2021 (except for Medicine).

Mahidol University Subscription | Published by Cambridge University Press

January 2005, Cell Press implemented a policy of giving free access to the recent online archive of Cell and the other premier journals of the Cell Press collection. The recent archive of Cell Press journals includes content that is 12 months old or older and dates back to content from 1995. Free access to the recent archive will be available on both ScienceDirect (www.sciencedirect.com) and on the Cell Press journal sites (www.cellpress.com). Year 2006 - Cell Press journals subscribed by Mahidol University :
- Cancer Cell
- Cell
- Cell Stem Cell
- Neuron
- Immunity

Mahidol University Subscription | Published by Cell Press

CINAHL®Complete is the world’s most comprehensive source of full-text for nursing & allied health journals, providing full text for more than 1,300 journals indexed in CINAHL. This authoritative file contains full text for many of the most used journals in the CINAHL index, with no embargo. CINAHL®Complete is the definitive research tool for all areas of nursing & allied health literature.

Mahidol University Subscription | Published by EBSCO

Chemical Information from the Environmental Health Information Program of the National Library of Medicine. Database of over 380,000 chemicals, synonyms, structures, regulatory list information, and links to other databases.

Free Database | Published by NLM

American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Electronic Information Retrieval Service to All. Its Publications Published since 1970 the CEDB provides access to over 100,000 bibliographic and abstracted records.

Free Database | Published by ASCE

ClinicalKey is a clinical search engine that supports clinical decisions by making it easier to find and apply relevant knowledge. We drive better care by delivering fast, concise answers when every second counts, and deep access to evidence whenever, wherever you need it.

Faculty of Medicine (Siriraj & Ramathibodi) Subscription | Published by Elsevier

Clinical information for nurses - consolidates nursing electronic journals, books, patient education material, news updates, drug information. Nursing Consult contains complete drug prescribing data, accessed by using an index of generic drugs, brand names, indications, contraindications.

Faculty of Medicine (Siriraj & Ramathibodi) Subscription | Published by Elsevier

The Cochrane Library (ISSN 1465-1858) is a collection of six databases that contain different types of high-quality, independent evidence to inform healthcare decision-making, and a seventh database that provides information about Cochrane groups.

Faculty of Nursing Subscription | Published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

Communication & Mass Media Complete provides the most robust, quality research solution in areas related to communication and mass media. CMMC incorporates the content of CommSearch (formerly produced by the National Communication Association) and Mass Media Articles Index (formerly produced by Penn State) along with numerous other journals in communication, mass media, and other closely-related fields of study to create a research and reference resource of unprecedented scope and depth encompassing the breadth of the communication discipline. CMMC offers cover-to-cover (“core”) indexing and abstracts for more than 570 journals, and selected (“priority”) coverage of nearly 200 more, for a combined coverage of more than 770 titles. Furthermore, this database includes full text for over 450 journals.

ThaiLIS-UniNet Subscription | Published by EBSCO

Computers & Applied Sciences Complete covers the research and development spectrum of the computing and applied sciences disciplines. CASC provides indexing and abstracts for nearly 2,200 academic journals, professional publications, and other reference sources from a diverse collection. Full text is also available for more than 1,000 periodicals.

ThaiLIS-UniNet Subscription | Published by EBSCO

CORE harvests research papers from data providers from all over the world including institutional and subject repositories, open access and hybrid journal publishers. CORE currently contains 170,710,378 open access articles, from thousands and over tens of thousands of journals, collected from 9,818 data providers around the world.

Free Database | Published by The Open University and Jisc.

Dentistry & Oral Science Source covers all facets relating to the areas of dentistry including dental public health, endodontics, facial pain & surgery, odontology, oral & maxillofacial pathology/surgery/radiology, orthodontology, pediatric dentistry, periodontology, and prosthodontics. The database is updated weekly on EBSCOhost.

Mahidol University Subscription | Published by EBSCO

Patent Search System of the Department of Intellectual Property (DIP), Thailand DIP (Thailand), JPO (Japan), KIPO (Korea), WIPO, EPO (Europe), USPTO (USA)

Free Database | Published by DIP

The Directory of Open Access Journals was launched in 2003 at Lund University, Sweden, with 300 open access journals and today contains ca. 10000 open access journals covering all areas of science, technology, medicine, social science and humanities.

Free Database | Published by Lund Univ. Libraries

Multidisciplinary - e-books Subject Area(s):‎ Literature & Language , Business , Science & Technology , Social Sciences , Health & Medicine , History , The Arts.

ThaiLIS-UniNet Subscription | Published by ProQuest

Digital full-text versions of over 6,962 books such as reference works, scholarly monographs, literature and fiction, and 3,400 publicly-accessible titles.

Mahidol University Subscription | Published by EBSCO

EBSCO Discovery Service™ (EDS) creates a unified, customized index of an institution’s information resources, and an easy, yet powerful means of accessing all of that content from a single search box. The ability to create these custom solutions is achieved by harvesting metadata from both internal (library) and external (database vendors) sources, and creating a pre-indexed service of unprecedented size and speed. Although the resulting collection is massive in size and scope, the fact that it is indexed directly on the EBSCOhost servers allows for exceptionally fast search response times, and the ability to leverage the familiar powerful features of the EBSCOhost user experience - across all resources.

Mahidol University Subscription | Published by EBSCO

EBSCOhost Electronic Journals Service (EJS) is your gateway to thousands of e-journals containing millions of articles from hundreds of different publishers, all at one web site

Free Database | Published by EBSCO

Education Research Complete is the definitive online resource for education research. Topics covered include all levels of education from early childhood to higher education, and all educational specialties, such as multilingual education, health education, and testing. Education Research Complete provides indexing and abstracts for more than 2,100 journals, as well as full text for more than 1,200 journals, and includes full text for nearly 500 books and monographs.

ThaiLIS-UniNet Subscription | Published by EBSCO

Elsevier® Journal Finder helps you find journals that could be best suited for publishing your scientific article. Please also consult the journal’s Aims and Scope for further guidance. Ultimately, the Editor will decide on how well your article matches the journal. Powered by the Elsevier Fingerprint Engine™, Elsevier Journal Finder uses smart search technology and field-of-research specific vocabularies to match your article to Elsevier journals.

Free Database | Published by Elsevier

Embase is a highly versatile, multipurpose and up-to-date biomedical database. It covers the most important international biomedical literature from 1947 to the present day and all articles are indexed in depth using Elsevier's Life Science thesaurus Embase Indexing and Emtree®. The entire database is also conveniently available on multiple platforms.

Faculty of Medicine (Siriraj & Ramathibodi) Subscription | Published by Elsevier

Emerald Management Xtra online database the largest, most comprehensive collection of peer-reviewed management journals and online support for librarians, students, faculty, researchers and deans. It features 160 full text journals and reviews from the world's top 300 management journals.

ThaiLIS-UniNet Subscription | Published by Emerald

The Electronic Journals Library is a service to facilitate the use of scholarly journals on the internet. by University Library of Regensburg.It comprises 89,492 titles from all areas of research, 10,629 of which are available online only. There are 66,864 journals which are accessible free of charge to anyone. In addition, the participating libraries provide access to the journals they subscribe to for their users.

Free Database | Published by University Library of Regensburg

ePIC is a major project to bring together all of Kew's digitised information about plants and make it easier to search. You can use it to pinpoint information of interest in our varied collections, bibliographies, nomenclators and checklists, publications and taxonomic works, as well as links to information resources provided by external organisations.

Free Database | Published by Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

The Education Resources Information Center (ERIC) produces the world’s premier database of journal and non-journal education literature. The ERIC online system provides the public with a centralized ERIC Web site for searching the ERIC bibliographic database of more than 1.1 million citations going back to 1966. More than 107,000 full-text non-journal documents (issued 1993-2004), previously available through fee-based services only, are now available for free.

Free Database | Published by ERIC

A free online service for searching patents and patent applications. Espacenet was developed by the European Patent Office (EPO) together with the member states of the European Patent Organisation (EPO).

Free Database | Published by EPO

Europe PMC is a repository, providing access to worldwide life sciences articles, books, patents and clinical guidelines. Europe PMC provides links to relevant records in databases such as Uniprot, European Nucleotide Archive (ENA), Protein Data Bank Europe (PDBE) and BioStudies.

Free Database | Published by NLM

Evidence-based medicine is an approach to medical practice intended to optimize decision-making by emphasizing the use of evidence from well designed and conducted research.

Faculty of Medicine (Siriraj & Ramathibodi) Subscription | Published by Ovid

F1000 is free for anyone to browse and search. Find significant articles in biology and medicine, discover the F1000 Factor ranking system and preview evaluations by Faculty members.

Free Database | Published by Biology Reports Ltd

FreeBooks4Doctors! is dedicated to the promotion of free access to medical books over the Internet. (Over 650 Books)

Free Database | Published by Amedeo Group

Free access to more than 1,450 Medical Journals over the internet.

Free Database | Published by Amedeo Group

Full Text Finder is a new state-of-the-art publication search service that includes your knowledgebase and a suite of holdings management tools and is designed to replace the existing EBSCO A-to-Z Reader Site.

Mahidol University Subscription | Published by EBSCO

Core lists of reference titles reflect titles most often used by media specialists and were developed with advisory boards consisting of educational professionals who understand best what resources are needed to support student achievement in today's world. 104 titles were selected from 893 titles available for MU

Mahidol Subscription | Published by CENGAGE

The Global Plants database features more than two million high-resolution type specimens, and this number continues to grow. The collection also includes partner-contributed reference works and primary sources, such as collectors’ correspondence and diaries, paintings, drawings, and photographs.

Faculty of Science Subscription | Published by JSTOR

On October 28, 2008, Google stated that they had 7 million books searchable through Google Book Search, including those scanned by their 20,000 publisher partners. Of the 7 million books, 1 million are "full preview" based on agreements with publishers. 1 million are in the public domain. Most scanned works are no longer in print or commercially available.

Free Database | Published by Google

Google Scholar enables you to search specifically for scholarly literature, including peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, abstracts and articles, from academic publishers, professional societies, preprint repositories, universities and other scholarly organizations. Google Scholar launched as a beta in November, 2004.

Free Database | Published by Google

Google Patent Search covers the entire collection of patents from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), launched on December 13, 2006

Free Database | Published by Google

This freely accessible Web site gives research professionals working in a variety of occupations an invaluable tool to identify individuals, departments and laboratories that have made fundamental contributions to the advancement of science and technology in recent decades.

Free Database | Published by Clarivate Analytics

HighWire’s Intelligent Publishing Platform supports over 3000 journals, books, reference works, and proceedings.

Mahidol Subscription | Published by HighWire Press

Hindawi Publishing Corporation is a commercial publisher of peer-reviewed journals and scholarly books covering a wide range of academic disciplines. Founded in 1997, Hindawi currently employs more than 300 employees and publishes 434 open access, peer-reviewed journals.

Free Database | Published by Hindawi

Hinari Access to Research for Health Programme provides free or very low cost online access to the major journals in biomedical and related social sciences to local, not-for-profit institutions in developing countries.

Free Database | Published by WHO

Hospitality & Tourism Complete covers scholarly research and industry news relating to all areas of hospitality and tourism. This collection contains more than 828,000 records, with coverage dating as far back as 1965. There is full text for more than 490 publications, including periodicals, company & country reports, and books.

Mahidol Subscription | Published by EBSCO

-Applied Science & Technology Full Text
-Art Full Text
-Biological & Agricultural Index Plus
-Education Full Text
-General Science Full Text
-Humanities Full Text
-Index to Legal Periodicals & Books Full Text
-Library Literature & Information Science Full Text
-OmniFile Full Text Mega
-Readers' Guide Full Text Mega
-Social Sciences Full Text

ThaiLIS Subscription | Published by EBSCO

The IEEE Xplore digital library is a powerful resource for discovery of scientific and technical content published by the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) and its publishing partners. IEEE Xplore provides web access to more than four-million full-text documents from some of the world's most highly-cited publications in electrical engineering, computer science, and electronics.The content in IEEE Xplore comprises:
-195+ journals
-1,800+ conference proceedings
-6,200+ technical standards
-Approximately 2,400 eBooks
-425+ educational courses

ThaiLIS Subscription | Published by IEEE

InCites is a citation-based evaluation tool for academic and government administrators to analyze institutional productivity and benchmark output against peers and aspirational peers nationally, and internationally. The following are benefits of using InCites.

Mahidol University Subscription | Published by Clarivate

IOPscience is an online service for journal content published by IOP Publishing. IOPscience embraces innovative technologies to make it easier for researchers to access scientific, technical and medical content

Faculty of Science Subscription | Published by IOP

IPCS INCHEM is an invaluable tool for those concerned with chemical safety and the sound management of chemicals. Produced through cooperation between the International Programme on Chemical Safety (IPCS) and the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS); IPCS INCHEM directly responds to one of the Intergovernmental Forum on Chemical Safety (IFCS) priority actions to consolidate current, internationally peer-reviewed chemical safety-related publications and database records from international bodies, for public access.

Free Database | Published by IPCS

iQNewsClip : A New Dimension of Oline News Clipping An Online New Clipping Service covers more than 30 local newspapers in Thai and English. Clean and Clear formatted news clip are available online in color and black & white.

Mahidol University Subscription | Published by InfoQuest

Japan Science and Technology Information Aggregator, Electronic Digitized English journals in Japan.

Free Database | Published by J-STAGE

JAMA Journal, published continuously since 1883, is an international peer-reviewed general medical journal published 48 times per year. JAMA is the most widely circulated medical journal in the world. The online version is freely available or nearly so to institutions in developing countries through the World Health Organization's HINARI program.

Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Subscription | Published by American Medical Association

Evidence-based medicine (EBM) integrates the best available evidence with clinical experience that allows clinicians to recommend, and their patients to make, informed choices consistent with their values. JAMAevidence helps decision makers identify the best available evidence by providing guides to the systematic consideration of the validity, importance, and applicability of claims about the assessment of health problems and the outcomes of health care.

Faculty of Medicine (Siriraj & Ramathibodi) Subscription | Published by American Medical Association

A Journal Citation Reports subscription gives you a systematic, objective means to evaluate the world’s leading scientific and scholarly journals. By analyzing citation references, Journal Citation Reports measures research influence and impact at the journal and category levels, and shows the relationship between citing and cited journals.

Mahidol University Subscription | Published by Clarivate

STOR is part of ITHAKA, a not-for-profit organization. Mahidol University subscribes 2 JSTOR collections. Arts & Sciences I / Arts & Sciences II include the complete back runs of 370 titles in 50 disciplines.
Arts & Sciences I
Arts & Sciences II

Mahidol University Subscription | Published by JSTOR

Karger eBooks Collection 2008-2010 contains 111 titles of 40 eBook Series. It covers fields of medical and scientific to connect the world of biomedical science.

Mahidol University Subscription | Published by Karger

It is Medical and Scientific Publishers which are connecting the World of Biomedical Science. All journals are peer-reviewed through an international board of experts. the program covers all areas of human medicine in a wide variety of both clinical and research subjects. Covered 80 online journals 2010.

Mahidol University Subscription | Published by Karger

KoreaMed, a service of the Korean Association of Medical Journal Editors (KAMJE), provides access to articles published in Korean medical, dental, nursing, Nutrition and veterinary journals. KoreaMed records include links to full-text content in Synapse and publisher web sites.

Free Database | Published by KAMJE

Electronic access to peer-reviewed journals published by Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. More than 72,000 articles from 66 authoritative journals, all full-text searchable and linked to external bibliographic databases.

Faculty of Medicine (Siriraj & Ramathibodi) Subscription | Published by Mary Ann Liebert

MathSciNet provides Web access to the bibliographic data and reviews of mathematical research literature contained in the Mathematical Reviews Database - the database of bibliographic information and reviews created and maintained by the American Mathematical Society. It continues the tradition and extends the scope of the work begun by the paper publication Mathematical Reviews in 1940. Approx. 1,800 Journals, and also conference proceedings, and books of mathematics research are covered.

Faculty of Science Subscription | Published by American Mathematical Society (AMS)

MedlinePlus will direct you to information to help answer health questions. Preformulated MEDLINE searches are included in MedlinePlus and give easy access to medical journal articles. MedlinePlus also has extensive information about drugs, an illustrated medical encyclopedia, interactive patient tutorials, and latest health news.

Free Database | Published by NLM

Free resource for Physicians . More than 125 medical journals and textbooks; 850 online CME activities; original, professional medical content, including review articles, journal commentary, expert columns, patient education articles, book reviews, and more.

Free Database | Published by Medscape

Mendeley is a free reference manager and academic social network that can help you organize your research, collaborate with others online, and discover the latest research:
- Automatically generate bibliographies
- Collaborate easily with other researchers online
- Easily import papers from other research software
- Find relevant papers based on what you're reading
- Access your papers from anywhere online
- Read papers on the go, with our iOS and Android apps

Mahidol University Subscription | Published by Elsevier

The wide range of evidence based information includes all the unbiased, referenced information about drugs, toxicology, diseases, acute care, and alternative medicine.

Mahidol University Subscription | Published by IBM Corporation

Find information about academic papers, authors, conferences, journals and organizations from multiple sources.

Free Database | Published by Microsoft

Nature Publishing Group (NPG) is the scientific publishing arm of Macmillan Publishers Ltd, combining the excellence of: Nature, Nature Research Journals, Nature Reviews, NPG Academic Journals and NPG Reference publications, to provide the world's premier information resource for the basic biological and physical sciences.
- List of Nature Journals subscribed

Mahidol University & Faculty of Science Subscription| Published by Nature

Nature Protocols is an online journal of high-quality peer-reviewed protocols for researchers. Our scope covers all areas of the biological and biomedical sciences, including methods grounded in physics and chemistry with biological applications (see aims and scope for more info). Protocols can be accessed by searching or browsing the site. Each week, the Editors highlight a featured protocol, which is made freely available for one week.

Mahidol University Subscription| Published by Nature

“NewsCenter” is a real-time online news and information service that provides comprehensive content from a large information pool as well as precise bilingual full-text search and alert capabilities. In-coming news and information are dynamically updated on user screen in real-time and stored in archives for later historical information searching. Together with its innovative features and functions.

Account Request Form: Mahidol Google account is required (@mahidol.edu only)

Mahidol University Subscription | Published by InfoQuest

National Library of Medicine (NLM) Databases & Electronic Resources (A-Z).

Free Database | Published by NLM

ProQuest Nursing & Allied Health Source™ provides users with reliable healthcare information covering nursing, allied health, alternative and complementary medicine, and much more. This versatile database is designed to meet the needs of researchers at healthcare facilities as well as nursing and allied health programs at academic institutions. ProQuest Nursing & Allied Health Source provides abstracting and indexing for more than 850 titles, with over 715 titles in full-text, plus more than 12,000 full text dissertations representing the most rigorous scholarship in nursing and related fields.

ThaiLIS-UniNet Subscription| Published by ProQuest

Online Access to Research in the Environment (OARE) - An international public-private consortium coordinated by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Yale University, and leading science and technology publishers, enables developing countries to gain free or low cost access to one of the world’s largest collections of proprietary environmental science literature. Today, over 1,300 peer reviewed scientific journal titles owned and published by over 340 OARE partners are now available to environment institutions in 70 eligible low income countries.

Free Database | Published by UNEP

The database is an aggregate of hundreds of scientific, technical, and medical journals from over 50 publishers and societies.

Faculty of Medicine (Siriraj & Ramathibodi) Subscription| Published by OVID Technologies

As a major international publisher of academic and research journals, Oxford Journals publishes and develops titles in partnership with the world's most prestigious learned societies to bring high quality research to the widest possible audience.

Faculty of Medicine (Siriraj & Ramathibodi) Subscription| Published by Oxford University Press

The PLANTS Database provides standardized information about the vascular plants, mosses, liverworts, hornworts, and lichens of the U.S. and its territories. It includes names, plant symbols, checklists, distributional data, species abstracts, characteristics, images, crop information, automated tools, onward Web links, and references. PLANTS is produced by the National Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

Free Database | Published by USDA NRCS

POPLINE is a free resource, maintained by the Knowledge for Health (K4Health) Project funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Bureau for Global Health, Office of Population and Reproductive Health, and is led by the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs (CCP) in partnership with FHI360, IntraHealth International, and Management Sciences for Health (MSH).

Free Database | Published by INFO Project

ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global is the world's most comprehensive collection of dissertations and theses from around the world, spanning from 1743 to the present day and offering full text for graduate works added since 1997, along with selected full text for works written prior to 1997. It contains a significant amount of new international dissertations and theses both in citations and in full text.

ThaiLIS, UniNet Subscription| Published by ProQuest

The Public Library of Science (PLoS) is a non-profit organization of scientists and physicians committed to making the world's scientific and medical literature a freely available public resource. The Public Library of Science (PLoS) seeks to catalyze a change from traditional subscription-based scientific and medical journal publishing to open access publishing.

Free Database| Published by PLoS

PubMed is a service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine that includes over 19 million citations from MEDLINE and other life science journals (+5,200 titles) for biomedical articles back to the 1948. PubMed includes links to full text articles and other related resources e.g. PMC, e-Books, Nucleotide, Protein, Structure Databases.
-Journals referenced in the NCBI Databases

Free Database| Published by NLM

PubMed Central® (PMC) is a free full-text archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature at the U.S. National Institutes of Health's National Library of Medicine (NIH/NLM).

Free Database| Published by NLM

Research4Life is the collective name for the four programmes – Hinari, AGORA, OARE and ARDI – that provide developing countries with free or low cost access to academic and professional peer-reviewed content online.

Free Database | Published by UNEP

ROAD, the Directory of Open Access scholarly Resources, is a service offered by the ISSN International Centre with the support of the Communication and Information Sector of UNESCO. ROAD provides a free access to a subset of the ISSN Register (1,8 millions of bibliographic records, available on subscription)

Free Database | Published by ISSN International Centre

The online versions of the Journal of Cell Biology, the Journal of Experimental Medicine, and the Journal of General Physiology (volume 1-2017).
- Journal of Cell Biology (JCB)
- Journal of Experimental Medicine (JEM)
- Journal of General Physiology (JGP)

Mahidol Subscription | Published by RUP

The Royal Society of Chemistry publishes 44 peer-reviewed journals and a collection of online databases and literature updating services. Our international publishing portfolio covers the core chemical sciences including related fields such as biology, biophysics, energy and environment, engineering, materials, medicine and physics. As a not-for-profit publisher, we reinvest surplus funds back into the global scientific community, supporting our mission to advance excellence in the chemical sciences.

Faculty of Science Subscription| Published by Royal Society of Chemistry

SAGE publishes more than 520 journals in Business, Humanities, Social Sciences, and Science, Technology and Medicine.

Mahidol Subscription| Published by SAGE

SAGE Knowledge is the ultimate social sciences digital library for students, researchers, and faculty. Hosting more than 4,400 titles, it includes an expansive range of SAGE eBook and eReference content, including scholarly monographs, reference works, handbooks, series, professional development titles, and more.

Mahidol Subscription| Published by SAGE

The SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS) is a Digital Library portal for researchers in Astronomy and Physics, operated by the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory (SAO) under a NASA grant. The ADS maintains three bibliographic databases containing more than 13.4 million records covering publications in Astronomy and Astrophysics, Physics, and the arXiv e-prints.

Free Database | Published by NASA

ScienceDirect hosts over 3,800 journals and more than 37,000 books—over 14 million peer-reviewed publications (and growing) from Elsevier, our imprints and our society partners.

ThaiLIS, UniNet and Mahidol Subscription| Published by Elsevier

The new version of SciFinder runs in a web browser (Since 2009)no downloading of software is needed SciFinder Scholar is today's leader in providing the most accurate and comprehensive chemical and related scientific information. This desktop research tool provides easy access to the rich and diverse scientific information offered by the CAS databases.
-For current faculty, staff member, or officially registered student of the University. (User Agreement)
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-More information about SciFinder (web version)

Mahidol Univiversity Subscription (unlimited users) | Published by CAS

The SCImago Journal & Country Rank is a publicly available portal that includes the journals and country scientific indicators developed from the information contained in the Scopus® database (Elsevier B.V.). These indicators can be used to assess and analyze scientific domains. Journals can be compared or analysed separately. Country rankings may also be compared or analysed separately. Journals can be grouped by subject area (27 major thematic areas), subject category (313 specific subject categories) or by country. Citation data is drawn from over 21,500 titles from more than 5,000 international publishers and country performance metrics from 239 countries worldwide.

Free Database| Published by SCImago Research Group

SciTech Connect is a portal to free, publicly-available DOE-sponsored R&D results including technical reports, bibliographic citations, journal articles, conference papers, books, multimedia, software, and data information, and was developed by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI) to increase access to science, technology, and engineering research information from DOE and its predecessor agencies.

Free Database| Published by US Department of Energy

SciVal offers quick, easy access to the research performance of 8,500 research institutions and 220 nations worldwide.
A ready-to-use solution with unparalleled power and flexibility, SciVal enables you to visualize research performance, benchmark relative to peers, develop collaborative partnerships and analyze research trends.

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Mahidol Univiversity Subscription| Published by Elsevier

Scopus is the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature: scientific journals, books and conference proceedings. Delivering a comprehensive overview of the world's research output in the fields of science, technology, medicine, social sciences, and arts and humanities, Scopus features smart tools to track, analyze and visualize research.

Mahidol Univiversity Subscription (since Oct. 2006)| Published by Elsevier

SHERPA RoMEO is an online resource that aggregates and analyses publisher open access policies from around the world and provides summaries of self-archiving permissions and conditions of rights given to authors on a journal-by-journal basis. RoMEO is a Jisc service and has collaborative relationships with many international partners, who contribute time and effort to developing and maintaining the service.

Free Database| Published by RoMEO

SpringerLink is the world's most comprehensive online collection of scientific, technological and medical journals, books and reference works.

- SpringerLink e-Journals
- SpringerLink e-Books

Mahidol Univiversity Subscription | Published by Springer

Over 2,500 journals
Search all Springer and BioMed Central journals to find the most suitable journal for your manuscript.

Free Database| Published by Springer Nature

SpringerProtocols is the largest laboratory protocols in the Life and Biomedical Sciences. Compiling protocols from Methods in Molecular Biology, Methods in Molecular Medicine, Methods in Biotechnology, Methods in Pharmacology and Toxicology, and Neuromethods, as well as from a vast number of Laboratory Handbooks, such as The Biomethods Handbook, The Proteomics Handbook, and the Springer Laboratory Manuals.

Mahidol Univiversity Subscription (since 2017)| Published by Springer

Subject areas : Pharmaceutical Science, Allied Health, Clinical Medical and Life Science
List of ejournals

Faculty of Medicine (Siriraj & Ramathibodi) Subscription | Published by Taylor & Francis

Thieme-connect is a service of the publishers Thieme New York and Georg Thieme Verlag.
List of Thieme Connect journals subscribed

Faculty of Medicine (Siriraj & Ramathibodi) Subscription | Published by Thieme

Databases on toxicology, hazardous chemicals, environmental health, and toxic releases.

Free Database | Published by U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM)

Originality Checking by Turnitin allows educators to check students' work for improper citation or potential plagiarism by comparing it against continuously updated databases. Every Originality Report provides instructors with the opportunity to teach their students proper citation methods as well as to safeguard their students' academic integrity.

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Mahidol Subscription| Published by iParadigms LLC.

UpToDate is an evidence-based, physician-authored clinical decision support resource which clinicians trust to make the right point-of-care decisions. More than 6,500 world-renowned physician authors, editors, and peer reviewers use a rigorous editorial process to synthesize the most recent medical information into trusted, evidence-based recommendations that are proven to improve patient care and quality. Over 1.3 million clinicians in 187 countries and nearly 90% of major academic medical centers in the United States rely on UpToDate to provide the best care.

Faculty of Medicine (Siriraj & Ramathibodi) Subscription| Published by UpToDate.

US Patent and Trademark Office. This website provides full text for patents issued from 1976 to the present. They provide TIFF images for all patents from 1790 to the present. You can search on text in all elements (fields) of the patent or select those fields you wish to search only for patents issued since 1976, and only search on patent numbers and/or classification codes for the pre-1976 patents.

Free Database | Published by USPTO

Web of Knowledge - Web of Science consists of 4 databases containing information gathered from thousands of scholarly journals, books, book series, reports, conferences, and more.

Web of Science Core Collection: Citation Indexes
- Science Citation Index Expanded (SCI-EXPANDED) --1999-present
- Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI) --2001-present
- Arts & Humanities Citation Index (A&HCI) --2001-present
- Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI) --2015-present

ThaiLIS-UniNet Subscription| Published by Clarivate Analytics

Wiley Online Library hosts the world's broadest and deepest multidisciplinary collection of online resources covering life, health and physical sciences, social science, and the humanities. It delivers seamless integrated access to over 6 million articles from over 1500 journals, over 20,000 online books, and hundreds of reference works, laboratory protocols and databases

Mahidol University Subscription| Published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

WIPO is the global forum for intellectual property services, policy, information and cooperation. We are a self-funding agency of the United Nations, with 191 member states. Our mission is to lead the development of a balanced and effective international intellectual property (IP) system that enables innovation and creativity for the benefit of all. Our mandate, governing bodies and procedures are set out in the WIPO Convention, which established WIPO in 1967.

Free Database | Published by WIPO

World Sciencetific and its imprints have published 46 books and launched more than 100 peer reviewed. Data coverage : engineering, science, mathematics, computer science, economic, finance and management. Powered by IG Library

Mahidol University Subscription| Published by IG Publishing, Inc.

At World Scientific, we are committed to disseminating high quality research to as wide an audience as possible. Leveraging on the open access movement, WorldScientificOpen gives you unprecedented access to top-tier journals, books and proceedings.
WorldScientificOpen is in full compliance with the latest open access mandates so authors can ensure their research is freely available online, freely redistributed and reused.

Mahidol University Subscription| Published By World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte Ltd

WorldWideScience.org is a global science gateway comprised of national and international scientific databases and portals. WorldWideScience.org accelerates scientific discovery and progress by providing one-stop searching of databases from around the world (Architecture: What is under the Hood). Multilingual WorldWideScience.org provides real-time searching and translation of globally-dispersed multilingual scientific literature.

Free Database | Published by OSTI

The zbMATH database contains about 4 million bibliographic entries with reviews or abstracts currently drawn from about 3,000 journals and serials, and 180,000 books. The coverage starts in the 18th century and is complete from 1868 to the present.

Dept. Mathematics Subscription| Published by FIZ Karlsruhe GmbH


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