Taylor & Francis (2,763 Titles)

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List of E-Books

  1. 101 investment tools for buying low and selling high
  2. 21st century security and CPTED
  3. 3D cadastre in an international context
  4. 3D nanoelectronic computer architecture and implementation
  5. A brief history of cocaine
  6. A century of Mendelism in human genetics
  7. A combinatorial approach to matrix theory and its applications
  8. A contingency table approach to nonparametric testing
  9. A first course in fuzzy and neural control
  10. A first course on wavelets
  11. A framework for complex system development
  12. A guide to pharmaceutical particulate science
  13. A handbook of bioanalysis and drug metabolism
  14. A handbook of statistical analyses using R
  15. A handbook of statistical analyses using SAS
  16. A handbook of statistical analyses using S-PLUS
  17. A handbook of statistical analyses using SPSS
  18. A handbook of statistical analyses using Stata
  19. A history of light and colour measurement
  20. A Kalman filter primer
  21. A numerical library in C for scientists and engineers
  22. A numerical library in Java for scientists and engineers
  23. A practical approach to WBEM/CIM management
  24. A practical guide to boundary element methods with the software library BEMLIB
  25. A practical guide to content delivery networks
  26. A practical guide to information systems process improvement
  27. A practical guide to information systems strategic planning
  28. A practical guide to planning for E-business success
  29. A practical guide to quality management in clinical trial research
  30. A practical guide to security assessments
  31. A practical guide to security engineering and information assurance
  32. A practical guide to understanding, managing, and reviewing environmental risk assessment reports
  33. A practical handbook of speech coders
  34. A primer on quality in the analytical laboratory
  35. A primer on wavelets and their scientific applications
  36. A radar history of World War II
  37. A radiologic atlas of abuse, torture, terrorism, and inflicted trauma
  38. A random walk in science
  39. A research agenda for geographic information science
  40. A terrible beauty is born
  41. Abbreviations dictionary
  42. Abelian groups, rings, modules, and homological algebra
  43. Absorbable and biodegradable polymers
  44. Abstract Cauchy problems
  45. AC power systems handbook
  46. Accelerated life models
  47. Accelerating process improvement using agile techniques
  48. Access device fraud and related financial crimes
  49. Accounting and finance for the nonfinancial executive
  50. Acoustic emission, microseismic activity
  51. Actions and invariants of algebraic groups
  52. Active packaging for food applications
  53. Active pharmaceutical ingredients
  54. Actuator saturation control
  55. Ad hoc mobile wireless networks
  56. Adaptive antennas and receivers
  57. Adaptive design methods in clinical trials
  58. Adaptive digital filters
  59. Adaptive image processing
  60. Adaptive method of lines
  61. Adaptive optics engineering handbook
  62. Addiction and the medical complications of drug abuse
  63. Adenosine receptors
  64. Adhesion measurement methods
  65. Adsorption and transport at the nanoscale
  66. Advanced algorithms and operators
  67. Advanced DC/DC converters
  68. Advanced materials and design for electromagnetic interference shielding
  69. Advanced mathematics and mechanics applications using MATLAB
  70. Advanced nutrition.
  71. Advanced pharmaceutics
  72. Advanced polymeric materials
  73. Advanced quality function deployment
  74. Advanced quantitative microbiology for foods and biosystems
  75. Advanced router architectures
  76. Advanced server virtualization
  77. Advanced signal processing handbook
  78. Advanced thermodynamics engineering
  79. Advances in biological and chemical terrorism countermeasures
  80. Advances in chemical propulsion
  81. Advances in chromatography.
  82. Advances in chromatography.
  83. Advances in clinical trial biostatistics
  84. Advances in dynamics and control
  85. Advances in fingerprint technology
  86. Advances in forensic applications of mass spectrometry
  87. Advances in forensic taphonomy
  88. Advances in nonlinear dynamos
  89. Advances in spinal fusion
  90. Advances in vagal afferent neurobiology
  91. Advances on methodological and applied aspects of probability and statistics
  92. Advances on models, characterizations, and applications
  93. Advances on theoretical and methodological aspects of probability and statistics
  94. Aeration
  95. Aerial mapping
  96. Aerosols handbook
  97. Affinity capillary electrophoresis in pharmaceutics and biopharmaceutics
  98. Aflatoxin and food safety
  99. Aging power delivery infrastructures
  100. Agricultural nonpoint source pollution
  101. Agricultural practices and policies for carbon sequestration in soil
  102. Agricultural system models in field research and technology transfer
  103. Agrochemical and pesticide safety handbook
  104. Agrochemicals desk reference
  105. Agroecosystem sustainability
  106. Air logic control for automated systems
  107. Air pollution control equipment selection guide
  108. Air pollution control technology handbook
  109. Air sampling and industrial hygiene engineering
  110. Alcoholic fuels
  111. Algae
  112. Algebra and number theory
  113. Algebraic statistics
  114. Algorithmic combinatorics on partial words
  115. Allelopathy
  116. Aloes
  117. Alogrithmic lie theory for solving ordinary differential equations
  118. Alternative toxicological methods
  119. Aluminium design and construction
  120. Aluminum recycling
  121. Alzheimer's disease
  122. American-style derivatives
  123. Amino acids and proteins for the athlete
  124. Amyloid precursor protein
  125. An elementary approach to homological algebra
  126. An introduction to credit risk modeling
  127. An introduction to forensic DNA analysis
  128. An introduction to generalized linear models
  129. An introduction to inertial confinement fusion
  130. An introduction to random sets
  131. An introduction to semiflows
  132. An introduction to toxicogenomics
  133. An invariant approach to statistical analysis of shapes
  134. Anabolic steroids
  135. Analog BiCMOS design
  136. Analog circuits and devices
  137. Analysis and application of analog electronic circuits to biomedical instrumentation
  138. Analysis and approximation of contact problems with adhesion or damage
  139. Analysis and interpretation of fire scene evidence
  140. Analysis of covariance
  141. Analysis of growth factor signaling in embryos
  142. Analysis of incomplete multivariate data
  143. Analysis of pretest-posttest designs
  144. Analysis of residual stress by diffraction using neutron and synchrotron radiation
  145. Analysis, geometry, and modeling in finance
  146. Analytic Hilbert modules
  147. Analytical and computational methods in scattering and applied mathematics
  148. Analytical characterization of aluminum, steel, and superalloys
  149. Analytical fluid dynamics
  150. Analytical methods for Markov semigroups
  151. Analytical techniques for biopharmaceutical development
  152. Angiography and plaque imaging
  153. Animal models in toxicology
  154. Anticancer agents from natural products
  155. Antimicrobials in food
  156. Antisense drug technology
  157. Apoptosis in neurobiology
  158. Application servers for e-business
  159. Applications in time-frequency signal processing
  160. Applications of abstract algebra with Maple
  161. Applications of environmental chemistry
  162. Applications of Lie's theory of ordinary and partial differential equations
  163. Applications of Orlicz spaces
  164. Applications of silicon-germanium heterostructure devices
  165. Applied biomedical engineering mechanics
  166. Applied electrospray mass spectrometry
  167. Applied flow and solute transport modeling in aquifers
  168. Applied functional analysis
  169. Applied materials science
  170. Applied mathematical modeling
  171. Applied nonparametric statistical methods
  172. Applied structural and mechanical vibrations
  173. Applied wetlands science and technology
  174. Applying genomic and proteomic microarray technology in drug discovery
  175. Applying statistics in the courtroom
  176. Architecting the telecommunication evolution
  177. Architectures for e-Business systems
  178. Arctic ecological research from microwave satellite observations
  179. Arithmetical properties of commutative rings and monoids
  180. Art and practice of court administration
  181. Artemisia Gentileschi around 1622
  182. Artificial DNA
  183. Artificial intelligence and soft computing
  184. Artificial muscles
  185. Artificial neural networks in cancer diagnosis, prognosis, and patient management
  186. Artificial reef evaluation
  187. Asbestos
  188. Asian functional foods
  189. Aspects of anomalous transport in plasmas
  190. Asphyxia and drowning
  191. Aspirin and related drugs
  192. Assessing bioavailability of drug delivery systems
  193. Assessing the accuracy of remotely sensed data
  194. Assessing the hazard of metals and inorganic metal substances in aquatic and terrestrial systems
  195. Asset protection and security management handbook
  196. Astronomically speaking
  197. Astronomy
  198. Astrophysical techniques
  199. Asymptotic formulae in spectral geometry
  200. Atlas of cell organelles fluorescence
  201. Atlas of functional neuroanatomy
  202. Atlas of human hair microscopic characteristics
  203. Atlas of immunology
  204. Atmospheric acoustic remote sensing
  205. Atomic and molecular clusters
  206. Attention deficit disorder
  207. Audit and trace log management
  208. Authentication codes and combinatorial designs
  209. Autistic spectrum disorders in children
  210. Automated taxon identification in systematics
  211. Automation for food engineering
  212. Automotive engineering
  213. Autonomic computing
  214. Autonomous mobile robots
  215. Avian malaria parasites and other haemosporidia
  216. Avionics
  217. Avionics : elements, software, and functions
  218. Back injury among healthcare workers
  219. Back to basics
  220. Bacterial resistance to antimicrobials
  221. Bacteriophages
  222. Ballistics
  223. Barrier systems for environmental contaminant containment and treatment
  224. Basic GIS coordinates
  225. Basic hazardous waste management
  226. Basic ideas and concepts in nuclear physics
  227. Basics of MATLAB and beyond
  228. Basics of supply chain management
  229. Batch fermentation
  230. Batch processes
  231. Battery technology handbook
  232. Bayes and Empirical Bayes methods for data analysis
  233. Bayesian artificial intelligence
  234. Bayesian disease mapping
  235. Best practices in business technology management
  236. Beverage quality and safety
  237. Beyond perturbation
  238. Biochemical targets of plant bioactive compounds
  239. Biodefense
  240. Biodegradable systems in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine
  241. Biodiversity in agroecosystems
  242. Biofilms, infection, and antimicrobial therapy
  243. Biofluid methods in vascular and pulmonary systems
  244. Biogeochemical cycles of elements
  245. Biogeography of the West Indies
  246. Bio-implant interface
  247. Biological and bioenvironmental heat and mass transfer
  248. Biological and biotechnological control of insect pests
  249. Biological control of crop diseases
  250. Biological diversity
  251. Biological effects of surfactants
  252. Biological influences on criminal behavior
  253. Biological invasions
  254. Biological response signatures
  255. Biological risk engineering handbook
  256. Biologically active natural products : Agrochemicals
  257. Biologically active natural products : Pharmaceuticals
  258. Biology and chemistry of Jerusalem artichoke
  259. Biology of sharks and their relatives
  260. Biology of the Southern Ocean
  261. Biology of the spotted seatrout
  262. Biology of the three-spined stickleback
  263. Biomarkers in clinical drug development
  264. Biomarkers of environmentally associated disease
  265. Biomaterials
  266. Biomaterials for delivery and targeting of proteins and nucleic acids
  267. Biomechanical systems
  268. Biomechanics
  269. Biomechanics in ergonomics
  270. Biomedical engineering fundamentals
  271. Biomedical image analysis
  272. Biomedical imaging
  273. Biomedical imaging in experimental neuroscience
  274. Biomedical nanotechnology
  275. Biomedical photonics handbook
  276. Biomedical technology and devices handbook
  277. Bio-MEMS
  278. Biometric inverse problems
  279. Biomimetic materials and design
  280. Biomolecular action of ionizing radiation
  281. Biomolecular films
  282. Biomolecular sensors
  283. Biopolymers at interfaces
  284. Bioprocesses and biotechnology for functional foods and nutraceuticals
  285. Biotechnology for biomedical engineers
  286. Bioterrorism
  287. Bioterrorism
  288. Bioterrorism and food safety
  289. Biotic stress and yield loss
  290. Bisesi and Kohn's industrial hygiene evaluation methods
  291. Black holes, wormholes & time machines
  292. Blind image deconvolution
  293. Bloodstain pattern analysis
  294. Blueprint reading
  295. Bone tissue engineering
  296. Boreal shield watersheds
  297. Botanicals
  298. Boundary methods
  299. Bread staling
  300. Bridge engineering : Substructure Design
  301. Bridge engineering : Construction and Maintenance
  302. Bridge engineering : Seismic Design
  303. Bridge engineering handbook
  304. Bridge loads
  305. Broadband last mile
  306. Bubbles, drops, and particles in non-Newtonian fluids
  307. Building a project work breakdown structure
  308. Building a wireless network
  309. Building an effective information security policy architecture
  310. Building and implementing a security certification and accreditation program
  311. Building and maintaining a data warehouse
  312. Building broadband networks
  313. Building trustworthy semantic webs
  314. Building Web applications with C# and .NET
  315. Business economics and finance with MATLAB, GIS and simulation models
  316. Business intelligence for telecommunications
  317. Business principles for legal nurse consultants
  318. Business process management systems
  319. Business strategies for the next-generation network
  320. Cadaver dog handbook
  321. Caffeine
  322. Caffeine and behavior
  323. Calculus with complex numbers
  324. Call center continuity planning
  325. Cancer modelling and simulation
  326. Cannabis
  327. Canonical problems in scattering and potential theory.
  328. Canonical problems in scattering and potential theory.
  329. Capillary flows with forming interfaces
  330. Capsicum
  331. Carbon fibers and their composites
  332. Carbon monoxide and cardiovascular functions
  333. Carbon nanotubes
  334. Carbon nanotubes
  335. Carbonic anhydrase
  336. Cardamom
  337. Cardiovascular techniques
  338. Carrier Ethernet
  339. Castable polyurethane elastomers
  340. Catalysis and electrocatalysis at nanoparticle surfaces
  341. Catalysis of organic reactions
  342. Catalysis of organic reactions
  343. Cell culture models of biological barriers
  344. Cell culture technology for pharmaceutical and cell-based therapies
  345. Cell death during HIV infection
  346. Cenozoic seas
  347. Centrifugal and rotary pumps
  348. Ceramic fabrication technology
  349. Ceramic interconnect technology handbook
  350. Chamomile
  351. Chaos applications in telecommunications
  352. Characterization of cereals and flours
  353. Characterization of radiation-damage by transmission electron microscopy
  354. Chebyshev polynomials
  355. Cheese rheology and texture
  356. Chemical admixtures for concrete
  357. Chemical analysis of firearms, ammunition, and gunshot residue
  358. Chemical and functional properties of food lipids
  359. Chemical and functional properties of food saccharides
  360. Chemical and isotopic groundwater hydrology
  361. Chemical degradation methods for wastes and pollutants
  362. Chemical grouting and soil stabilization
  363. Chemical pesticides
  364. Chemical processing of ceramics
  365. Chemical reagents for protein modification
  366. Chemical warfare agents
  367. Chemistry
  368. Chemistry and physics of carbon.
  369. Chemistry of peptide synthesis
  370. Chemometric techniques for quantitative analysis
  371. Chernobyl record
  372. Child homicide
  373. Chimeric toxins
  374. Chinese and related North American herbs
  375. Chinese herbal medicine
  376. Chirality in drug design and development
  377. Cholesterol and phytosterol oxidation products
  378. Chromatic monitoring of complex conditions
  379. Chromatography theory
  380. Chromium (VI) handbook
  381. Chromosomal instability and aging
  382. Chronic fatigue syndrome
  383. Cinnamon and cassia
  384. Circadian physiology
  385. Circuits and applications using silicon heterostructure devices
  386. Classes of modules
  387. Classical and quantum black holes
  388. Classical competing risks
  389. Classical FORTRAN
  390. Classics from IJGIS
  391. Classification
  392. Clavicipitalean fungi
  393. Clay's handbook of environmental health
  394. Climate change and global food security
  395. Clinical drug trials and tribulations
  396. Clinical engineering
  397. Clinical neurovirology
  398. Clinical research coordinator handbook
  399. Clinical studies management
  400. Clinical trials in oncology
  401. Clinical trials of drugs and biopharmaceuticals
  402. Clinical trials risk management
  403. Clustering for data mining
  404. Clutches and brakes
  405. CNS injuries
  406. Coastal and estuarine risk assessment
  407. Coastal aquifer management
  408. Coastal lagoons
  409. Coated textiles
  410. Coatings of polymers and plastics
  411. Coatings technology handbook
  412. Codes
  413. Coding and signal processing for magnetic recording systems
  414. Coffee, tea, chocolate, and the brain
  415. Cognition and tool use
  416. Coherent vibrational dynamics
  417. Cold-formed steel structures to the AISI specification
  418. Collaborative manufacturing
  419. Colloid and surface properties of clays and related minerals
  420. Colloidal polymers
  421. Colloids and interfaces in life sciences
  422. Color atlas of forensic pathology
  423. Color atlas of nerve biopsy pathology
  424. Color atlas of the autopsy
  425. Combinatorial materials synthesis
  426. Combinatorics of permutations
  427. Combustion and incineration processes
  428. Commercial wireless circuits and components handbook
  429. Commercializing micro-nanotechnology products
  430. Communication protocol engineering
  431. Community participation and geographic information systems
  432. Commutative algebra
  433. Commutative ring theory and applications
  434. Compact handbook of computational biology
  435. Compilation of EPA's sampling and analysis methods
  436. Complete book of remote access
  437. Complete guide to security and privacy metrics
  438. Complex behavior of switching power converters
  439. Complex carbohydrates in foods
  440. Complex IT project management
  441. Complex stochastic systems
  442. Compliant mechanisms
  443. Complications in vascular surgery
  444. Composite construction in steel and concrete IV
  445. Composite materials
  446. Composites manufacturing
  447. Compost utilization in horticultural cropping systems
  448. Comprehensive dictionary of electrical engineering
  449. Comprehensive handbook of chemical bond energies
  450. Computation and visualization for understanding dynamics in geographic domains
  451. Computational biochemistry and biophysics
  452. Computational economic analysis for engineering and industry
  453. Computational hydraulics and hydrology
  454. Computational intelligence for decision support
  455. Computational intelligence in manufacturing handbook
  456. Computational intelligence in telecommunications networks
  457. Computational inverse techniques in nondestructive evaluation
  458. Computational mathematics
  459. Computational methods for electromagnetic and optical systems
  460. Computational methods in biomedical research
  461. Computational methods in statistics and econometrics
  462. Computational methods of feature selection
  463. Computational neuroscience
  464. Computational neuroscience
  465. Computational statistics handbook with MATLAB
  466. Computer architecture
  467. Computer busses design and application
  468. Computer modelling of concrete mixtures
  469. Computer modelling of heat and fluid flow in materials processing
  470. Computer network time synchronization
  471. Computer organization, design, and architecture
  472. Computer science handbook
  473. Computer simulated plant design for waste minimization/pollution prevention
  474. Computer simulation using particles
  475. Computer systems validation
  476. Computer telephony integration
  477. Computer-aided power system analysis
  478. Computer-integrated manufacturing
  479. Computers, Software Engineering, and Digital Devices
  480. Computing in nonlinear media and automata collectives
  481. Computing with hp-adaptive finite elements
  482. Computing with hp-adaptive finite elements
  483. Concise dictionary of biomedicine and molecular biology
  484. Concise handbook of experimental methods for the behavioral and biological sciences
  485. Concrete bridge engineering
  486. Concrete formwork systems
  487. Concrete in hot environments
  488. Concrete in the marine environment
  489. Concrete materials
  490. Conditional measures and applications
  491. Conductive electroactive polymers
  492. Confidence intervals in generalized regression models
  493. Confidential informant
  494. Conjugated polymer and molecular interfaces
  495. Conjugated Polymers
  496. Conservation of water and related land resources
  497. Constitutional law for the criminal justice professional
  498. Constrained clustering
  499. Construction equipment management for engineers, estimators, and owners
  500. Construction in cities
  501. Construction of marine and offshore structures
  502. Contaminated ground water and sediment
  503. Contemporary issues in law enforcement and policing
  504. Contemporary statistical models for the plant and soil sciences
  505. Continuous stochastic calculus with applications to finance
  506. Continuous-time active filter design
  507. Continuum mechanics and plasticity
  508. Continuum models for phase transitions and twinning in crystals
  509. Continuum theory
  510. Control and boundary analysis
  511. Control of nonlinear distributed parameter systems
  512. Control theory of partial differential equations
  513. Conversion to on-site sodium hypochlorite generation
  514. Core level spectroscopy of solids
  515. Corporate environmental management
  516. Corporate safety compliance
  517. Correspondence analysis and data coding with Java and R
  518. Correspondence analysis in practice
  519. Corrosion control through organic coatings
  520. Corrosion engineering handbook.
  521. Corrosion mechanisms in theory and practice
  522. Corrosion of ceramic and composite materials
  523. Corrosion of polymers and elastomers
  524. Corrosion of steel in concrete
  525. Corrosion science and technology
  526. Cortical areas
  527. Counter-terrorism for emergency responders
  528. CRC handbook of engineering tables
  529. CRC handbook of laboratory safety
  530. CRC handbook of marine mammal medicine
  531. CRC handbook of medicinal spices
  532. CRC handbook of metal etchants
  533. CRC handbook of optical resolutions via diastereomeric salt formation
  534. CRC handbook of thermodynamic data of aqueous polymer solutions
  535. CRC handbook of thermodynamic data of copolymer solutions
  536. CRC handbook of thermodynamics data of polymer solutions at elevated pressures
  537. CRC handbook of thermoelectrics
  538. CRC materials science and engineering handbook
  539. CRC standard mathematical tables and formulae
  540. CRC standard probability and statistics tables and formulae
  541. CRC world dictionary of grasses
  542. Creating components
  543. Criminal investigation for the professional investigator
  544. Criminal psychology and forensic technology
  545. Critical incident management
  546. Critical infrastructure
  547. Critical infrastructure
  548. Crop responses to environment
  549. Crustacea and arthropod relationships
  550. Cryogenic engineering
  551. Curing the patch management headache
  552. Current methods in forensic gunshot residue analysis
  553. Current topics in elastomers research
  554. Customer relationship management systems handbook
  555. Cyanobacterial toxins of drinking water supplies
  556. Cyber crime investigator's field guide
  557. Cyber forensics
  558. Cytokine inhibitors
  559. Cytokines
  560. Cytokines and the CNS
  561. Cytotoxins and immunotoxins for cancer therapy
  562. Dairy science and technology
  563. Damage mechanics
  564. Data analysis tools for DNA microarrays
  565. Data and computer communications
  566. Data mining using SAS applications
  567. Database design using entity-relationship diagrams
  568. Dead reckoning
  569. Decision diagram techniques for micro- and nanoelectronic design handbook
  570. Decision-making in environmental health
  571. Decommissioning health physics
  572. Decommissioning the Brent Spar
  573. Definitions, conversions, and calculations for occupational safety and health professionals
  574. Depleted uranium
  575. Dermatologic botany
  576. Dermatological and transdermal formulations
  577. Design analysis in rock mechanics
  578. Design and analysis of accelerated tests for mission critical reliability
  579. Design and analysis of cross-over trials
  580. Design and applications of hydrophilic polyurethanes
  581. Design and layout of fire sprinkler systems
  582. Design and modeling for computer experiments
  583. Design and optimization of thermal systems
  584. Design automation, languages, and simulations
  585. Design controls for the medical device industry
  586. Design for reliability
  587. Design of automatic machinery
  588. Design of cost-efficient interconnect processing units
  589. Design of masonry structures
  590. Design of offshore concrete structures
  591. Design of pulse oximeters
  592. Design reliability
  593. Designing a total data solution
  594. Designing usability into medical products
  595. Designing usable electronic text
  596. Detecting malingering and deception
  597. Detection technologies for chemical warfare agents and toxic vapors
  598. Developing new food products for a changing marketplace
  599. Developing spatial data infrastructures
  600. Development and evaluation of drugs
  601. Developments in pressure-sensitive products
  602. Diagnostic checks in time series
  603. Diagnostic ultrasound
  604. Diamond films handbook
  605. Dictionary of algebra, arithmetic, and trigonometry
  606. Dictionary of analysis, calculus, and differential equations
  607. Dictionary of applied math for engineers and scientists
  608. Dictionary of classical and theoretical mathematics
  609. Dictionary of food compounds with CD-ROM
  610. Dictionary of geophysics, astrophysics, and astronomy
  611. Dictionary of material science and high energy physics
  612. Dictionary of pure and applied physics
  613. Die casting engineering
  614. Dielectrics in electric fields
  615. Dietary fats and risk of chronic disease
  616. Dietary proteins and atherosclerosis
  617. Difference equations with applications to queues
  618. Difference equations with public health applications
  619. Differential equations
  620. Differential equations and control theory
  621. Differential forms on singular varieties
  622. Digital color imaging handbook
  623. Digital design and fabrication
  624. Digital image sequence processing, compression, and analysis
  625. Digital microfluidic biochips
  626. Digital photogrammetry
  627. Digital signal processing laboratory
  628. Digital systems and applications
  629. Digital terrain modeling
  630. Digital video image quality and perceptual coding
  631. Directory of approved biopharmaceutical products
  632. Directory of therapeutic enzymes
  633. Disaster management and preparedness
  634. Discrete dynamical systems and difference equations with Mathematica
  635. Discrete geometry for computer imagery
  636. Disinfection byproducts in drinking water
  637. Disruptive security technologies with mobile code and peer-to-peer networks
  638. Distributed generation
  639. Distributed multimedia database technologies supported MPEG-7 and by MPEG-21
  640. Distributed sensor networks
  641. Distribution reliability and power quality
  642. Distribution system modeling and analysis
  643. DNA arrays
  644. DNA damage recognition
  645. DNA fingerprinting in plants
  646. DNA methylation
  647. DNA microarrays and related genomics techniques
  648. Domain-specific processors
  649. Drinking water and infectious disease
  650. Drought and water crises
  651. Drought management and planning for water resources
  652. Drug abuse handbook
  653. Drug delivery systems
  654. Drug delivery to the oral cavity
  655. Drug discovery strategies and methods
  656. Drug interdiction
  657. Drug metabolizing enzymes
  658. Drug misuse and community pharmacy
  659. Drug residues in foods
  660. Drug synergism and dose-effect data analysis
  661. Drug targeting technology
  662. DSP-Based electromechanical motion control
  663. DsRNA genetic elements
  664. Durability of concrete structures
  665. Dynamic mechanical analysis
  666. Dynamic software development
  667. Dynamical systems and control
  668. Dynamics of mechanical systems
  669. Dynamics of second order rational difference equations
  670. Dynamics of third-order rational difference equations with open problems and conjectures
  671. E.coli
  672. Earthquake engineering
  673. Earthquake engineering for structural design
  674. Earthquake engineering handbook
  675. Earth's core and lower mantle
  676. Eating disorders in women and children
  677. Echinacea
  678. Ecological basis of agroforestry
  679. Ecological effects of wastewater
  680. Ecological modeling in risk assessment
  681. Ecological risk assessment for contaminated sites
  682. Ecology and biomechanics
  683. Ecology of marine bivalves
  684. Economics and ecological risk assessment
  685. Ecosystem responses to mercury contamination
  686. Ecosystems and human health
  687. Ecotoxicological testing of marine and freshwater ecosystems
  688. EDA for IC implementation, circuit design, and process technology
  689. EDA for IC system design, verification, and testing
  690. Effective communications for project management
  691. Effective computational methods for wave propagation
  692. Effective environmental assessments
  693. Effective expert witnessing
  694. Effective opportunity management for projects
  695. Effective software maintenance and evolution
  696. Effective transition from design to production
  697. Effective use of teams for IT audits
  698. Efficiency and sustainability in the energy and chemical industries
  699. Eigenvalues of inhomogeneous structures
  700. Elastic waves in anisotropic laminates
  701. Elastic waves in composite media and structures
  702. Elastoplasticity theory
  703. E-learning standards
  704. Electric power distribution equipment and systems
  705. Electric power distribution reliability
  706. Electric power generation, transmission, and distribution
  707. Electric power substations engineering
  708. Electric power transformer engineering
  709. Electric refractory materials
  710. Electric relays
  711. Electrical impedance tomography
  712. Electrical measurement, signal processing, and displays
  713. Electrical power cable engineering
  714. Electroanalytical methods for biological materials
  715. Electrochemical techniques in corrosion science and engineering
  716. Electromagnetic modeling by finite element methods
  717. Electromagnetic theory and applications for photonic crystals
  718. Electromagnetics
  719. Electronic bill presentment and payment
  720. Electronic portable instruments
  721. Electronic record keeping
  722. Electronic structure modeling
  723. Electronic systems maintenance handbook
  724. Electronics
  725. Electronics and circuit analysis using MATLAB
  726. Electrophysical phenomena in the tribology of polymers
  727. Electrostatics 2003
  728. Elementary mathematical and computational tools for electrical and computer engineers using MATLAB
  729. Elicitation of expert opinions for uncertainty and risks
  730. Elliptic curves
  731. Elliptic theory on singular manifolds
  732. Embedded Linux system design and development
  733. Embedded systems handbook
  734. EMDR and psychotherapy integration
  735. Emergency action for chemical and biological warfare agents
  736. Emergency characterization of unknown materials
  737. Emergency response to chemical and biological agents
  738. Emerging demands for the safety of nuclear power operations
  739. EMI filter design
  740. Empirical likelihood
  741. Emulsions and emulsion stability
  742. Encapsulated and powdered foods
  743. Enclosure fire dynamics
  744. Encyclopedia of corrosion technology
  745. Encyclopedia of library and information science, second edition.
  746. Encyclopedia of materials, parts, and finishes
  747. Encyclopedia of public administration and public policy
  748. Encyclopedic dictionary of international finance and banking
  749. Encyclopedic dictionary of named processes in chemical technology
  750. Encyclopedic handbook of integrated optics
  751. Endangered children
  752. Endocrine disrupters in wastewater and sludge treatment processes
  753. Engineered concrete
  754. Engineering analysis
  755. Engineering and food for the 21st century
  756. Engineering applications of noncommutative harmonic analysis
  757. Engineering BGM
  758. Engineering design reliability handbook
  759. Engineering electromagnetics
  760. Engineering maintenance
  761. Engineering of creativity
  762. Engineering project management
  763. Engineering properties of foods
  764. Engineering thin films and nanostructures with ion beams
  765. Enhancement in drug delivery
  766. Enhancing LAN performance
  767. Enhancing the performance of ad hoc wireless networks with smart antennas
  768. Ensuring competent performance in forensic practice
  769. Enterprise architecture
  770. Enterprise architecture A to Z
  771. Enterprise business architecture
  772. Enterprise systems integration
  773. Entropy-based design and analysis of fluids engineering systems
  774. Envelopes and sharp embeddings of function spaces
  775. Environmental and quality systems integration
  776. Environmental compliance
  777. Environmental compliance handbook
  778. Environmental effects on engineered materials
  779. Environmental engineering dictionary and directory
  780. Environmental engineering dictionary and directory
  781. Environmental engineer's mathematics handbook
  782. Environmental fluid mechanics
  783. Environmental forensics
  784. Environmental health procedures
  785. Environmental impact statements
  786. Environmental impacts of treated wood
  787. Environmental justice analysis
  788. Environmental management plans demystified
  789. Environmental modelling with GIS and remote sensing
  790. Environmental monitoring
  791. Environmental politics casebook
  792. Environmental pollution control microbiology
  793. Environmental sampling and analysis for metals
  794. Environmental site assessment, phase 1
  795. Environmental statistics with S-Plus
  796. Environmental stressors in health and disease
  797. Environmental technology resources handbook
  798. Environmental toxicology
  799. Environmentally friendly technologies for agricultural produce quality
  800. Enzyme functionality
  801. Enzymes and their inhibition
  802. Enzymes in the environment
  803. Epigenetic risks of cloning
  804. Equations of mathematical diffraction theory
  805. Ergot
  806. ERP
  807. ERP optimization
  808. Essential concepts of bearing technology
  809. Essential DC/DC converters
  810. Essentials of pharmacy law
  811. Estimating building costs
  812. Estuarine indicators
  813. Estuarine research, monitoring, and resource protection
  814. Estuary restoration and maintenance
  815. Ethics in forensic science
  816. Eureka!
  817. Evaluating the measurement uncertainty
  818. Evolutionary electronics
  819. Ewing's analytical instrumentation handbook
  820. Exact analysis of discrete data
  821. Exact solutions and invariant subspaces of nonlinear partial differential equations in mechanics and physics
  822. Exact solutions for buckling of structural members
  823. Exactly solvable models of biological invasion
  824. Experimental characterization of advanced composite materials
  825. Experimental rock mechanics
  826. Expert systems in chemistry research
  827. Expert witnessing and scientific testimony
  828. Expert witnessing in forensic accounting
  829. Exploratory data analysis with MATLAB
  830. Explosive loading of engineering structures
  831. Explosives and chemical weapons identification
  832. Exposure analysis
  833. Extraction optimization in food engineering
  834. Extractive metallurgy of rare earths
  835. Extreme values in finance, telecommunications, and the environment
  836. Fabrication of SiGe HBT BiCMOS technology
  837. Fabrication of silicon microprobes for optical near-field applications
  838. Facility validation
  839. Fat crystal networks
  840. Fats and oils
  841. Fatty acids in foods and their health implications
  842. FDA administrative enforcement manual
  843. FDA regulatory affairs
  844. FDA-speak
  845. Feder's succeeding as an expert witness
  846. Fenaroli's handbook of flavor ingredients
  847. Fenugreek
  848. Fiber optic sensors
  849. Fiber optics illustrated dictionary
  850. Fiber-reinforced composites
  851. Field guide to clandestine laboratory identification and investigation
  852. Field hydrogeology
  853. Filing patents online
  854. Financial and actuarial statistics
  855. Financial investigation and forensic accounting
  856. Financial justification of nondestructive testing
  857. Financial modelling with jump processes
  858. Financial services information systems
  859. Fingerprints and other ridge skin impressions
  860. Finite element analysis
  861. Fire investigation
  862. Fire protection
  863. Firearms, the law, and forensic ballistics
  864. Fitting statistical distributions
  865. Flavonoids
  866. Flavor chemistry and technology
  867. Flavor, fragrance, and odor analysis
  868. Flax
  869. Flexible software design
  870. Flocculation in natural and engineered environmental systems
  871. Flood frequency analysis
  872. Flood hazard management
  873. Florida ethnobotany
  874. Fluid dynamics and dynamos in astrophysics and geophysics
  875. Fluid sterilization by filtration
  876. Fluidized bed combustion
  877. Fluorescence sensors and biosensors
  878. Foam extrusion
  879. Food additives
  880. Food and nutritional toxicology
  881. Food biotechnology
  882. Food carbohydrates
  883. Food colorants
  884. Food emulsions
  885. Food emulsions
  886. Food engineering aspects of baking sweet goods
  887. Food lipids
  888. Food phytates
  889. Food plant design
  890. Food plant engineering systems
  891. Food plant sanitation
  892. Food plant sanitation
  893. Food polysaccharides and their applications
  894. Food process design
  895. Food processing
  896. Food processing operations modeling
  897. Food protein analysis
  898. Food quality assurance
  899. Food safety and toxicity
  900. Food safety of proteins in agricultural biotechnology
  901. Food science and food biotechnology
  902. Food security and environmental quality in the developing world
  903. Food shelf life stability
  904. Food storage stability
  905. Food toxicology
  906. Food, consumers, and the food industry
  907. Food, energy, and society
  908. Forensic art and illustration
  909. Forensic botany
  910. Forensic computer crime investigation
  911. Forensic dentistry
  912. Forensic DNA evidence interpretation
  913. Forensic engineering
  914. Forensic engineering investigation
  915. Forensic evidence
  916. Forensic examination of fibres
  917. Forensic examination of glass and paint
  918. Forensic examination of hair
  919. Forensic human identification
  920. Forensic interpretation of glass evidence
  921. Forensic investigation of clandestine laboratories
  922. Forensic linguistics
  923. Forensic materials engineering
  924. Forensic medical investigation of motor vehicle incidents
  925. Forensic neuropathology
  926. Forensic pathology
  927. Forensic radiology
  928. Forensic recovery of human remains
  929. Forensic science
  930. Forensic speaker identification
  931. Forensic taphonomy
  932. Forensic uses of digital imaging
  933. Forest certification
  934. Forest certification in sustainable development
  935. Forest sampling desk reference
  936. Forests at the wildland-urban interface
  937. Foundation engineering handbook
  938. Foundations of geographic information science
  939. Fractals and chaos
  940. Fractional Cauchy transforms
  941. Free and moving boundaries
  942. Freeze-drying/lyophilization of pharmaceutical and biological products
  943. Fresh-cut fruits and vegetables
  944. From galaxies to turbines
  945. From nuclear transmutation to nuclear fission, 1932-1939
  946. FRP Composites in Civil Engineering, CICE 2004
  947. Fruit flies (Tephritidae)
  948. Frying technology and practices
  949. Fuel cell technology handbook
  950. Functional and neural mechanisms of interval timing
  951. Functional equations with causal operators
  952. Functional food ingredients and nutraceuticals
  953. Functional foods
  954. Functional informatics in drug discovery
  955. Functional lipidomics
  956. Functional methods in differential equations
  957. Fundamentals and applications of ultrasonic waves
  958. Fundamentals of DSL technology
  959. Fundamentals of engineering electromagnetics
  960. Fundamentals of environmental chemistry
  961. Fundamentals of fibre reinforced composite materials
  962. Fundamentals of nuclear science and engineering
  963. Fundamentals of polymer engineering
  964. Fundamentals of risk analysis and risk management
  965. Fundamentals of spun yarn technology
  966. Fungal biotechnology in agricultural, food, and environmental applications
  967. Fungal pathogenesis in plants and crops
  968. Fungi in ecosystem processes
  969. Fuzzy automata and languages
  970. Fuzzy controller design
  971. Fuzzy neural intelligent systems
  972. Fuzzy surfaces in GIS and geographical analysis
  973. G protein-coupled receptors
  974. G protein-coupled receptors
  975. G protein-coupled receptors in drug discovery
  976. G proteins
  977. Gas pipeline hydraulics
  978. Gaseous electronics
  979. Gaucher disease
  980. Gauge theories in particle physics
  981. Gauge theories in particle physics
  982. Gaussian Markov random fields
  983. GEMA
  984. Gene and cell therapy
  985. Gene biotechnology
  986. Gene silencing by RNA interference
  987. Generalized estimating equations
  988. Generalized latent variable modeling
  989. Generalized linear models with random effects
  990. Generation of multivariate hermite interplating polynomials
  991. Generic drug product development
  992. Genes in the field
  993. Genetic hearing loss
  994. Genetic influences on neural and behavioral functions
  995. Genetically engineered organisms
  996. Genomics of plants and fungi
  997. Geochemical and hydrological reactivity of heavy metals in soils
  998. Geocoding health data
  999. GeoDynamics
  1000. Geoenvironmental engineering
  1001. Geoenvironmental engineering
  1002. Geoenvironmental sustainability
  1003. Geographic information management in local government
  1004. Geographic profiling
  1005. Geologic hazards
  1006. Geological hazards
  1007. Geometric and combinatorial aspects of commutative algebra
  1008. Geometric function theory in one and higher dimensions
  1009. Geometric sturmian theory of nonlinear parabolic equations and applications
  1010. Geometry and physics of branes
  1011. Geomicrobiology
  1012. GeoSensor networks
  1013. Geotechnical engineering investigation handbook
  1014. Geotechnical investigation methods
  1015. Geotechnical risk in rock tunnels
  1016. Geranium and pelargonium
  1017. GGE biplot analysis
  1018. Gigacycle fatigue in mechanical practice
  1019. Ginger
  1020. Ginkgo biloba
  1021. GIS and archaeological site location modeling
  1022. GIS and evidence-based policy making
  1023. GIS applications for water, wastewater, and stormwater systems
  1024. GIS for coastal zone management
  1025. GIS for environmental decision-making
  1026. GIS for sustainable development
  1027. GIS in law enforcement
  1028. GIS in public health practice
  1029. GIS-based studies in the humanities and social sciences
  1030. Global analysis of dynamical systems
  1031. Global drug enforcement
  1032. Global engineering project management
  1033. Global information warfare
  1034. Global optimization using interval analysis
  1035. Global plant genetic resources for insect-resistant crops
  1036. Global structural analysis of buildings
  1037. Global trafficking in women and children
  1038. Global water dynamics
  1039. Glossary of biotechnology terms
  1040. GLP quality audit manual
  1041. Glutamate and gaba receptors and transporters
  1042. GMPLS technologies
  1043. Gold and silver staining
  1044. Good design practices for GMP pharmaceutical facilities
  1045. Good laboratory practice regulations
  1046. Good manufacturing practices for pharmaceuticals
  1047. Good pharmaceutical manufacturing practice
  1048. Graphics and GUIs with MATLAB
  1049. Gravitation
  1050. Gravitation and gauge symmetries
  1051. Gravitational waves
  1052. Green tea
  1053. Green's functions with applications
  1054. Grid database design
  1055. Groundwater chemicals desk reference
  1056. Groundwater sampling
  1057. Group sequential methods with applications to clinical trials
  1058. Groups, representations, and physics
  1059. Groups, rings, and group rings
  1060. Guide to optimal operational risk & Basel-II
  1061. Guidelines for failure mode and effects analysis for automotive, aerospace and general manufacturing industries
  1062. Guidelines for failure mode and effects analysis for medical devices
  1063. Guidelines for process hazards analysis, hazards identification and risk analysis
  1064. Gunshot wounds
  1065. Halal food production
  1066. Handbook for critical cleaning
  1067. Handbook for death scene investigators
  1068. Handbook for environmental risk decision making
  1069. Handbook for the chemical analysis of plastic and polymer additives
  1070. Handbook of adhesive technology
  1071. Handbook of advanced ceramics machining
  1072. Handbook of agricultural geophysics
  1073. Handbook of aluminum.
  1074. Handbook of aluminum.
  1075. Handbook of antennas in wireless communications
  1076. Handbook of antioxidants
  1077. Handbook of applied cryptography
  1078. Handbook of applied econometrics and statistical inference
  1079. Handbook of applied superconductivity.
  1080. Handbook of approximation algorithms and metaheurististics
  1081. Handbook of automotive power electronics and motor drives
  1082. Handbook of basic tables for chemical analysis
  1083. Handbook of behavioral state control
  1084. Handbook of biodegradable polymers
  1085. Handbook of biogeneric therapeutic proteins
  1086. Handbook of bioinspired algorithms and applications
  1087. Handbook of biological effects of electromagnetic fields.
  1088. Handbook of biological effects of electromagnetic fields.
  1089. Handbook of biomedical fluorescence
  1090. Handbook of carbohydrate engineering
  1091. Handbook of chemical and biological sensors
  1092. Handbook of chemical and biological warfare agents
  1093. Handbook of chemical risk assessment
  1094. Handbook of computational group theory
  1095. Handbook of computational methods for integration
  1096. Handbook of computational molecular biology
  1097. Handbook of computer vision algorithms in image algebra
  1098. Handbook of corynebacterium glutamicum
  1099. Handbook of dairy foods and nutrition
  1100. Handbook of data structures and applications
  1101. Handbook of detection of enzymes on electrophoretic gels
  1102. Handbook of dietary fiber
  1103. Handbook of discrete and computational geometry
  1104. Handbook of dough fermentations
  1105. Handbook of drug screening
  1106. Handbook of ecological indicators for assessment of ecosystem health
  1107. Handbook of ecotoxicology
  1108. Handbook of electroluminescent materials
  1109. Handbook of elliptic and hyperelliptic curve cryptography
  1110. Handbook of emerging communications technologies
  1111. Handbook of employee benefits and administration
  1112. Handbook of energy efficiency and renewable energy
  1113. Handbook of engineering electromagnetics
  1114. Handbook of environmental analysis
  1115. Handbook of environmental health
  1116. Handbook of environmental health.
  1117. Handbook of evolutionary computation
  1118. Handbook of exponential and related distributions for engineers and scientists
  1119. Handbook of fat replacers
  1120. Handbook of fermented functional foods
  1121. Handbook of flavor characterization
  1122. Handbook of food analysis instruments
  1123. Handbook of food and beverage fermentation technology
  1124. Handbook of food and bioprocess modeling techniques
  1125. Handbook of food engineering
  1126. Handbook of food engineering practice
  1127. Handbook of food enzymology
  1128. Handbook of food toxicology
  1129. Handbook of food-drug interactions
  1130. Handbook of frauds, scams, and swindles
  1131. Handbook of frozen food packaging and processing
  1132. Handbook of functional dairy products
  1133. Handbook of functional lipids
  1134. Handbook of fungal biotechnology
  1135. Handbook of fuzzy computation
  1136. Handbook of graph theory
  1137. Handbook of grid generation
  1138. Handbook of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning
  1139. Handbook of hidden Markov models in bioinformatics
  1140. Handbook of high-temperature superconductor electronics
  1141. Handbook of human factors in litigation
  1142. Handbook of image quality
  1143. Handbook of industrial and hazardous wastes treatment
  1144. Handbook of industrial automation
  1145. Handbook of industrial drying
  1146. Handbook of industrial mycology
  1147. Handbook of internet computing
  1148. Handbook of laboratory animal science
  1149. Handbook of laboratory animal science.
  1150. Handbook of laser wavelengths
  1151. Handbook of lasers
  1152. Handbook of layered materials
  1153. Handbook of lead-free solder technology for microelectronic assemblies
  1154. Handbook of lubrication and tribology.
  1155. Handbook of machine tool analysis
  1156. Handbook of machining with grinding wheels
  1157. Handbook of mass measurement
  1158. Handbook of mathematical techniques for wave/structure interactions
  1159. Handbook of mechanical alloy design
  1160. Handbook of media for clinical microbiology
  1161. Handbook of media for environmental microbiology
  1162. Handbook of metallurgical process design
  1163. Handbook of micro/nanotribology
  1164. Handbook of microbiological quality control
  1165. Handbook of minerals as nutritional supplements
  1166. Handbook of mobile broadcasting
  1167. Handbook of Moire measurement
  1168. Handbook of molecular and cellular methods in biology and medicine
  1169. Handbook of multiple sclerosis
  1170. Handbook of multisensor data fusion
  1171. Handbook of nanoscience, engineering, and technology
  1172. Handbook of natural language processing
  1173. Handbook of neural computation
  1174. Handbook of neural network signal processing
  1175. Handbook of neuroprosthetic methods
  1176. Handbook of nonlinear optics
  1177. Handbook of nutraceuticals and functional foods
  1178. Handbook of nutrition and food
  1179. Handbook of object technology
  1180. Handbook of olfaction and gustation
  1181. Handbook of optical and laser scanning
  1182. Handbook of optical design
  1183. Handbook of optical engineering
  1184. Handbook of optical interconnects
  1185. Handbook of optical materials
  1186. Handbook of organization theory and management
  1187. Handbook of parallel computing
  1188. Handbook of parametric and nonparametric statistical procedures
  1189. Handbook of Parkinson's disease
  1190. Handbook of particle physics
  1191. Handbook of pharmaceutical analysis
  1192. Handbook of pharmaceutical granulation technology
  1193. Handbook of pharmaceutical manufacturing formulations.
  1194. Handbook of pharmaceutical manufacturing formulations.
  1195. Handbook of pharmaceutical manufacturing formulations.
  1196. Handbook of pharmaceutical manufacturing formulations.
  1197. Handbook of pharmaceutical manufacturing formulations.
  1198. Handbook of pharmaceutical manufacturing formulations.
  1199. Handbook of photomask manufacturing technology
  1200. Handbook of physical testing of paper.
  1201. Handbook of plant and crop physiology
  1202. Handbook of plant and crop stress
  1203. Handbook of plant growth
  1204. Handbook of plastics analysis
  1205. Handbook of police administration
  1206. Handbook of pollution control and waste minimization
  1207. Handbook of polymer synthesis
  1208. Handbook of polyolefins
  1209. Handbook of polypropylene and polypropylene composites
  1210. Handbook of postharvest technology
  1211. Handbook of property estimation methods for environmental chemicals
  1212. Handbook of railway vehicle dynamics
  1213. Handbook of Raman spectroscopy
  1214. Handbook of reference methods for plant analysis
  1215. Handbook of regression and modeling
  1216. Handbook of scaling methods in aquatic ecology
  1217. Handbook of scheduling
  1218. Handbook of science communication
  1219. Handbook of semiconductor interconnection technology
  1220. Handbook of sensor networks
  1221. Handbook of silicon semiconductor metrology
  1222. Handbook of soil acidity
  1223. Handbook of SOPs for good clinical practice
  1224. Handbook of specialty elastomers
  1225. Handbook of statistical distributions with applications
  1226. Handbook of statistics in clinical oncology
  1227. Handbook of stereotactic and functional neurosurgery
  1228. Handbook of stress medicine
  1229. Handbook of stress medicine and health
  1230. Handbook of structural engineering
  1231. Handbook of superconducting materials
  1232. Handbook of supply chain management
  1233. Handbook of surface and colloid chemistry
  1234. Handbook of surface and nanometrology
  1235. Handbook of the autonomic nervous system in health and disease
  1236. Handbook of thin plate buckling and postbuckling
  1237. Handbook of toxicology
  1238. Handbook of turbomachinery
  1239. Handbook of turfgrass management and physiology
  1240. Handbook of typography for the mathematical sciences
  1241. Handbook of vegetable preservation and processing
  1242. Handbook of video databases
  1243. Handbook of vinyl polymers
  1244. Handbook of vitamins
  1245. Handbook of water and wastewater treatment plant operations
  1246. Handbook of water sensitive planning and design
  1247. Handbook of wireless local area networks
  1248. Handbook of wood chemistry and wood composites
  1249. Handbook of X-ray spectrometry
  1250. Handbook of zeolite science and technology
  1251. Handbook on analytic-computational methods in applied mathematics
  1252. Handbook on clostridia
  1253. Handbook on nondestructive testing of concrete
  1254. Handbook on theoretical and algorithmic aspects of sensor, ad hoc wireless, and peer-to-peer networks
  1255. Handwriting identification
  1256. Hansen solubility parameters
  1257. Hard disk drive
  1258. Hazardous air pollutant handbook
  1259. Hazardous and radioactive waste treatment technologies handbook
  1260. Hazardous laboratory chemicals disposal guide
  1261. Hazardous materials chemistry for emergency responders
  1262. Healthcare information systems
  1263. Heat transfer in industrial combustion
  1264. Heat transfer in single and multiphase systems
  1265. Heavy metals in the environment
  1266. Heavy metals release in soils
  1267. Herbicide resistance and world grains
  1268. Heterophase network polymers
  1269. Heteroptera of economic importance
  1270. Hierarchical modeling and analysis for spatial data
  1271. High performance instrumentation and automation
  1272. High precision methods in eigenvalue problems and their applications
  1273. High reliability magnetic devices
  1274. High resolution site surveys
  1275. High temperature air combustion
  1276. High voltage circuit breakers
  1277. Higher-order finite element methods
  1278. High-field electrodynamics
  1279. High-performance Web databases
  1280. High-risk atherosclerotic plaques
  1281. Highway meteorology
  1282. Histopathology of seed-borne infections
  1283. Historic bridges
  1284. Homeland security handbook
  1285. Honey bees
  1286. How to achieve 27001 certification
  1287. H-transforms
  1288. Human behavior learning and transfer
  1289. Human developmental toxicants
  1290. Human factors in the training of pilots
  1291. Human factors issues in handgun safety and forensics
  1292. Human osteology & skeletal radiology
  1293. Human safety and risk management
  1294. Humic matter in soil and the environment
  1295. Hunting serial predators
  1296. HVAC water chillers and cooling towers
  1297. Hybrid and incompatible finite element methods
  1298. Hydraulic power system analysis
  1299. Hydraulics of pipeline systems
  1300. Hydraulics of spillways and energy dissipators
  1301. Hydrogen as a fuel
  1302. Hydroinformatics
  1303. Hyperbolic conservation laws and the compensated compactness method
  1304. Hyperbolic differential operators and related problems
  1305. Hypericum
  1306. Hypersingular integral equations and their applications
  1307. Hyperspectral remote sensing
  1308. Ideas and methods of supersymmetry and supergravity, or, A walk through superspace
  1309. Illicium, pimpinella, and foeniculum
  1310. Illustrated dictionary of immunology
  1311. Illustrated guide to crime scene investigation
  1312. Image analysis
  1313. Image analysis of food microstructure
  1314. Image and video compression for multimedia engineering
  1315. Image processing for remote sensing
  1316. Image processing techniques for tumor detection
  1317. Image recognition and classification
  1318. Image sensors and signal processing for digital still cameras
  1319. Imaging of nucleic acids and quantitation in photonic microscopy
  1320. Immune interferon
  1321. Immunoendocrinology in health and disease
  1322. Immunotoxicology and immunopharmacology
  1323. Implementation and applications of DSL technology
  1324. Implementing concurrent engineering in small companies
  1325. Implementing electronic document and record management systems
  1326. Implementing the IT balanced scorecard
  1327. Impurities in semiconductors
  1328. In situ hybridization in electron microscopy
  1329. In situ hybridization in light microscopy
  1330. In situ treatment technology
  1331. In vivo optical imaging of brain function
  1332. Incident investigation & accident prevention in the process & allied industries
  1333. Indoor air quality
  1334. Indoor air quality engineering
  1335. Indoor environmental quality
  1336. Inductors and transformers for power electronics
  1337. Industrial applications of single cell oils
  1338. Industrial boilers and heat recovery steam generators
  1339. Industrial brazing practice
  1340. Industrial burners handbook
  1341. Industrial combustion pollution and control
  1342. Industrial fire protection handbook
  1343. Industrial heating
  1344. Industrial noise control and acoustics
  1345. Industrial plasma engineering.
  1346. Industrial plasma engineering.
  1347. Industrial polymers, specialty polymers and their applications
  1348. Industrial power systems
  1349. Industrial servo control systems
  1350. Industrial uses of vegetable oils
  1351. Industrialization of drug discovery
  1352. Industrialization of indigenous fermented foods
  1353. Industry self-regulation and voluntary environmental compliance
  1354. Infinite divisibility of probability distributions on the real line
  1355. Informants and undercover investigations
  1356. Informatics in proteomics
  1357. Information assurance architecture
  1358. Information security
  1359. Information security architecture
  1360. Information security cost management
  1361. Information security management handbook
  1362. Information security management handbook.
  1363. Information security management handbook.
  1364. Information security management handbook.
  1365. Information security policies and procedures
  1366. Information security policies, procedures, and standards
  1367. Information security risk analysis
  1368. Information systems and technology for the noninformation systems executive
  1369. Information technology for manufacturing
  1370. Ingredient interactions
  1371. Injectable dispersed systems
  1372. Inorganic materials chemistry desk reference
  1373. Inorganic phosphors
  1374. Insect antifeedants
  1375. Insect sounds and communication
  1376. Insect symbiosis
  1377. Insect symbiosis.
  1378. Inside the FFT black box
  1379. Insourcing innovation
  1380. Instrument engineers' handbook.
  1381. Instrument engineers' handbook.
  1382. Instrument engineers' handbook.
  1383. Instrumental methods in metal ion speciation
  1384. Insulation coordination for power systems
  1385. Integrable Hamiltonian systems
  1386. Integral logistics management
  1387. Integral methods in science and engineering
  1388. Integral theorems for functions and differential forms in C(m)
  1389. Integrated assessment of ecosystem health
  1390. Integrated drug discovery technologies
  1391. Integrated learning for ERP success
  1392. Integrated life-cycle and risk assessment for industrial processes
  1393. Integrated microfabricated biodevices
  1394. Integrated product design and manufacturing using geometric dimensioning and tolerancing
  1395. Integrated watershed management in the global ecosystem
  1396. Integrating ERP, CRM, supply chain management, and smart materials
  1397. Integration technologies for industrial automated systems
  1398. Intelligence support systems
  1399. Intelligent control systems using soft computing methodologies
  1400. Intelligent data warehousing
  1401. Intelligent freight transportation
  1402. Intelligent network video
  1403. Intelligent systems
  1404. Intelligent systems and technologies in rehabilitation engineering
  1405. Intelligent systems for engineers and scientists
  1406. Intelligent transportation systems
  1407. Intensity-modulated radiation therapy
  1408. Inter- and intra- vehicle communications
  1409. Interdisciplinary food safety research
  1410. Interfacial applications in environmental engineering
  1411. Interferogram analysis for optical testing
  1412. Intermediate heat transfer
  1413. International biotechnology, bulk chemical, and pharmaceutical GMPs
  1414. International control of tritium for nuclear nonproliferation and disarmament
  1415. International environmental standards handbook
  1416. International handbook of foodborne pathogens
  1417. International handbook of penology and criminal justice
  1418. International labeling requirements
  1419. International pharmaceutical registration
  1420. International trade in hazardous waste
  1421. Interpreting remote sensing imagery
  1422. Introduction to asymptotic methods
  1423. Introduction to chaos
  1424. Introduction to communications technologies
  1425. Introduction to design for civil engineers
  1426. Introduction to dusty plasma physics
  1427. Introduction to dynamic modeling of neuro-sensory systems
  1428. Introduction to e-supply chain management
  1429. Introduction to executive protection
  1430. Introduction to forensic sciences
  1431. Introduction to fuzzy sets, fuzzy logic, and fuzzy control systems
  1432. Introduction to information theory and data compression
  1433. Introduction to inverse problems in imaging
  1434. Introduction to molecular biophysics
  1435. Introduction to PCM telemetering systems
  1436. Introduction to perturbation theory in quantum mechanics
  1437. Introduction to pharmacology
  1438. Introduction to plasma physics
  1439. Introduction to randomized controlled clinical trials
  1440. Introduction to surface and superlattice excitations
  1441. Introduction to the characterization of residual stress by neutron diffraction
  1442. Introduction to the physics of highly charged ions
  1443. Inulin-type fructans
  1444. Inverse boundary spectral problems
  1445. Inverse engineering handbook
  1446. Investigating computer crime
  1447. Investigating computer-related crime
  1448. Investigating infant deaths
  1449. Investigating religious terrorism and ritualistic crimes
  1450. Investigation of aeronautical and engineering component failures
  1451. Investigation of road traffic fatalities
  1452. Investigations in the workplace
  1453. Investigator's guide to steganography
  1454. Investing in mortgage securities
  1455. Ion mobility spectrometry
  1456. IS management handbook
  1457. ISO 9001:2000 for small business
  1458. ISO 9001:2000 for software and systems providers
  1459. Isolation and purification of proteins
  1460. Isolation technology
  1461. Isometries on Banach spaces
  1462. Isometries on Banach spaces
  1463. Isotope effects in chemistry and biology
  1464. Iterative dynamic programming
  1465. Java programming for engineers
  1466. Java programming for spatial sciences
  1467. Joint cognitive systems
  1468. Joint evolution of black holes and galaxies
  1469. Juzen-taiho-to (shi-quan-da-bu-tang)
  1470. Karch's pathology of drug abuse
  1471. Kava
  1472. Kinematic geometry of surface machining
  1473. Kinetics, transport, and structure in hard and soft materials
  1474. Knot theory
  1475. Knowledge discovery in proteomics
  1476. Knowledge management, business intelligence, and content management
  1477. Knowledge management: learning from knowledge engineering
  1478. Knowledge retention
  1479. Laboratory guide for conducting soil tests and plant analysis
  1480. Laboratory information management systems
  1481. LabVIEW advanced programming techniques
  1482. Lactic acid bacteria
  1483. Lake and pond management guidebook
  1484. Land application of sewage sludge and biosolids
  1485. Landscape ecology
  1486. Landscape ecology in agroecosystems management
  1487. Landscape restoration handbook
  1488. Large deviations and idempotent probability
  1489. Large-angle convergent-beam electron diffraction (LACBED)
  1490. Large-scale 3D data integration
  1491. Laser beam shaping
  1492. Laser beam shaping applications
  1493. Laser cladding
  1494. Laser safety
  1495. Laser-aided diagnostics of plasmas and gases
  1496. Lasers in medicine
  1497. Lasers in the preservation of cultural heritage
  1498. Lavender
  1499. Law enforcement information technology
  1500. Law for the expert witness
  1501. Laws and models
  1502. Lead-free soldering in electronics
  1503. Leading IT projects
  1504. Lean manufacturing
  1505. Lean Performance ERP project management
  1506. Legal competence in environmental health
  1507. Legume crop genomics
  1508. Lewis' dictionary of occupational and environmental safety and health
  1509. Life in the frozen state
  1510. Light and dark
  1511. Linear control system analysis and design with MATLAB
  1512. Linear synchronous motors
  1513. Linear systems and control
  1514. Lipid analysis and lipidomics
  1515. Liposome technology
  1516. Liposome technology
  1517. Liposome technology
  1518. Lipospheres in drug targets and delivery
  1519. Logic design
  1520. Logic design of nanoICs
  1521. Logical database design principles
  1522. Logistics engineering handbook
  1523. Logistics of facility location and allocation
  1524. Longitudinal data analysis
  1525. Long-term effects of stroke
  1526. Low-power electronics design
  1527. Low-power NoC for high-performance SoC design
  1528. Low-power processors and systems on chips
  1529. Lubrication fundamentals
  1530. Luminescence biotechnology
  1531. Machine elements
  1532. Machining technology
  1533. Macroengineering
  1534. Magico-religious groups and ritualistic activities
  1535. Magnetic resonance procedures
  1536. Magnolia
  1537. Making supply chain management work
  1538. Manage software testing
  1539. Management of combined sewer overflows
  1540. Management of international networks
  1541. Management of professionals
  1542. Managing a network vulnerability assessment
  1543. Managing and mining multimedia databases
  1544. Managing for healthy ecosystems
  1545. Managing pharmacy practice
  1546. Managing the analytical laboratory
  1547. Managing the laboratory animal facility
  1548. Manual of geospatial science and technology
  1549. Manual of ready-mixed concrete
  1550. Manual on the causes and control of activated sludge bulking, foaming, and other solids separation problems
  1551. Manufacturing
  1552. Manufacturing handbook of best practices
  1553. Manufacturing systems processes
  1554. Maple animation
  1555. Marine biofouling
  1556. Marine chemical ecology
  1557. Mass fatality and casualty incidents
  1558. Mass spectrometry in cancer research
  1559. Mass spectrometry of polymers
  1560. Materials for rigid and flexible printed wiring boards
  1561. Mathematical analysis for modeling
  1562. Mathematical and physical theory of turbulence
  1563. Mathematical aspects of natural dynamos
  1564. Mathematical methods in physics and engineering with Mathematica
  1565. Mathematical models and methods for real world systems
  1566. Mathematical models for systems reliability
  1567. Mathematical models of crop growth and yield
  1568. Mathematical quantization
  1569. Mathematical statistics
  1570. Mathematically speaking
  1571. Mathematics manual for water and wastewater treatment plant operators
  1572. Mathematics of quantum computation
  1573. Matlab and C programming for Trefftz finite element methods
  1574. MATLAB primer
  1575. MATLAB simulations for radar systems design
  1576. Maximizing business performance through software packages
  1577. Measured tones
  1578. Measurement and modeling of silicon heterostructure devices
  1579. Measurement error and misclassification in statistics and epidemiology
  1580. Measurement error in nonlinear models
  1581. Measurements of phosphor properties
  1582. Measures of interobserver agreement
  1583. Meat science and applications
  1584. Mechanical alloying and milling
  1585. Mechanical life cycle handbook
  1586. Mechanical properties of ceramics and composites
  1587. Mechanical properties of engineered materials
  1588. Mechanical properties of polymers based on nanostructure and morphology
  1589. Mechanical reliability improvement
  1590. Mechanical testing of bone and the bone-implant interface
  1591. Mechanical tolerance stackup and analysis
  1592. Mechanical wear fundamentals and testing
  1593. Mechanics of composite materials
  1594. Mechanics of elastic composites
  1595. Mechanics of materials and interfaces
  1596. Mechanics of solids and shells
  1597. Mechanics of structures
  1598. Mechanism design
  1599. Mechatronic system control, logic, and data acquisition
  1600. Mechatronic systems
  1601. Mechatronics
  1602. Medical device reliability and associated areas
  1603. Medical device safety
  1604. Medical devices and systems
  1605. Medical image analysis methods
  1606. Medical image registration
  1607. Medical immunology
  1608. Medical management of radiation accidents
  1609. Medically speaking
  1610. Medication treatments for nicotine dependence
  1611. Medicolegal neuropathology
  1612. Membrane structure in disease and drug therapy
  1613. Memory, microprocessor, and ASIC
  1614. MEMS
  1615. MEMS
  1616. MEMS and Microstructures in aerospace applications
  1617. MEMS and nanotechnology-based sensors and devices for communications, medical and aerospace applications
  1618. Mesh free methods
  1619. Meta-analysis in medicine and health policy
  1620. Meta-analysis of binary data using profile likelihood
  1621. Metal and ceramic matrix composites
  1622. Metal ions and their complexes in medication
  1623. Metallic materials
  1624. Metals and the skin
  1625. Metalworking fluids
  1626. Methamphetamine use
  1627. Methods for neural ensemble recordings
  1628. Methods in alcohol-related neuroscience research
  1629. Methods in cellular immunology
  1630. Methods in chemosensory research
  1631. Methods in drug abuse research
  1632. Methods in genomic neuroscience
  1633. Methods in insect sensory neuroscience
  1634. Methods of analysis for functional foods and nutraceuticals
  1635. Methods of analysis of food components and additives
  1636. Methods of behavior analysis in neuroscience
  1637. Micro- and nanostructured multiphase polymer blend systems
  1638. Micro electro mechanical system design
  1639. Microbial food contamination
  1640. Microbial safety of minimally processed foods
  1641. Microbial stress adaptation and food safety
  1642. Microbiological aspects of biofilms and drinking water
  1643. Microbiological contamination control in pharmaceutical clean rooms
  1644. Microbiology and chemistry for environmental scientists and engineers
  1645. Microbiology of fruits and vegetables
  1646. Microdrop generation
  1647. Microelectrofluidic systems
  1648. Microelectronic packaging
  1649. Microelectronics
  1650. Microencapsulation
  1651. Microengineering, MEMS, and interfacing
  1652. Microoptics technology
  1653. Micro-optomechatronics
  1654. Microorganisms in home and indoor work environments
  1655. Microstructural randomness and scaling in mechanics of materials
  1656. Microstructure of metals and alloys
  1657. Microwave and RF product applications
  1658. Milestones in systematics
  1659. Minimally invasive medical technology
  1660. Missing data in longitudinal studies
  1661. Mixed boundary value problems
  1662. Mobile computing handbook
  1663. Mobile Internet
  1664. Mobile WiMAX
  1665. Modeling and control of complex systems
  1666. Modeling and simulation for material selection and mechanical design
  1667. Modeling and simulation of capsules and biological cells
  1668. Modeling fluctuations in scattered waves
  1669. Modeling hydrologic change
  1670. Modeling MEMS and NEMS
  1671. Modeling microbial responses in foods
  1672. Modeling of combustion systems
  1673. Modeling phosphorus in the environment
  1674. Modeling software with finite state machines
  1675. Modeling tools for environmental engineers and scientists
  1676. Modelling, simulation and control of non-linear dynamical systems
  1677. Modern chromatographic analysis of vitamins
  1678. Modern cosmology
  1679. Modern electric, hybrid electric, and fuel cell vehicles
  1680. Modern neurosurgery
  1681. Modern pharmaceutics
  1682. Modern protective structures
  1683. Modern protein chemistry
  1684. Modern tribology handbook
  1685. Modern vacuum physics
  1686. Modified-release drug delivery technology
  1687. Molecular biology of fungal development
  1688. Molecular carcinogenesis and the molecular biology of human cancer
  1689. Molecular dissection of complex traits
  1690. Molecular host plant resistance to pests
  1691. Molecular interventions in lifestyle related diseases
  1692. Molecular morphology in human tissues
  1693. Molecular neurotoxicology
  1694. Molecular pathomechanisms and new trends in drug research
  1695. Molecular regulation of arousal states
  1696. Monitoring bathing waters
  1697. Monitoring building structures
  1698. Monomial algebras
  1699. Monopole antennas
  1700. Motor cortex in voluntary movements
  1701. Motor fleet safety and security management
  1702. Motor neurobiology of the spinal cord
  1703. Moving shape analysis and control
  1704. MPLS for metropolitan area networks
  1705. MTBE
  1706. Multi-agent robotic systems
  1707. Multidimensional nonlinear descriptive analysis
  1708. Multidimensional scaling
  1709. Multifractals
  1710. Multimedia content encryption
  1711. Multimedia encryption and authentication techniques and applications
  1712. Multimedia environmental models
  1713. Multimedia image and video processing
  1714. Multimedia security handbook
  1715. Multimedia systems, standards, and networks
  1716. Multimedia watermarking techniques and applications
  1717. Multi-operating system networking
  1718. Multiphase flow handbook
  1719. Multiple correspondence analysis and related methods
  1720. Multi-scale integrated analysis of agroecosystems
  1721. Multi-sensor image fusion and its applications
  1722. Multivariate Bayesian statistics
  1723. Municipal stormwater management
  1724. Musculoskeletal models and techniques
  1725. Mushrooms
  1726. Nano science and technology
  1727. Nanoelectromechanics in engineering and biology
  1728. Nanoengineering of structural, functional, and smart materials
  1729. Nanoparticle assemblies and superstructures
  1730. Nanoscale technology in biological systems
  1731. Nano-surface chemistry
  1732. Nanotechnology : Basic Science and Emerging Technologies
  1733. Nanotechnology : Legal Aspects
  1734. Nanotechnology : Ethics and Society
  1735. Nanotechnology : Health and Environmental Risks
  1736. Nanotechnology and tissue engineering
  1737. Narcissus and daffodil
  1738. Natural and enhanced remediation systems
  1739. Natural arsenic in groundwater
  1740. Natural attenuation of contaminants in soil
  1741. Natural colorants for food and nutraceutical uses
  1742. Natural extracts using supercritical carbon dioxide
  1743. Natural fibers, biopolymers, and biocomposites
  1744. Natural food antimicrobial systems
  1745. Natural products from plants
  1746. Natural wastewater treatment systems
  1747. Nematic and cholesteric liquid crystals
  1748. Neotropical savannas and seasonally dry forests
  1749. Network Design, Second Edition : Management and Technical Perspectives
  1750. Network design : Principles and Applications
  1751. Network perimeter security
  1752. Networking and integration of facilities automation systems
  1753. Networks and devices using planar transmission lines
  1754. Neural and metabolic control of macronutrient intake
  1755. Neural computing
  1756. Neural networks for applied sciences and engineering
  1757. Neural plasticity in adult somatic sensory-motor systems
  1758. Neural prostheses for restoration of sensory and motor function
  1759. Neuroanatomical basis of clinical neurology
  1760. Neurobehavioral genetics
  1761. Neurogenetics
  1762. Neuromuscular junction disorders
  1763. Neuropharmacology methods in epilepsy research
  1764. Neuroplasticity, development, and steroid hormone action
  1765. Neurosteroid effects in the central nervous system
  1766. Neurotransmitter receptors in actions of antipsychotic medications
  1767. Neutrino Physics
  1768. New concepts in cerebral ischemia
  1769. New directions in Internet management
  1770. New directions in project management
  1771. Niche modeling
  1772. Nicotinic receptors in the nervous system
  1773. Nitric oxide, cell signaling, and gene expression
  1774. Noise reduction in speech applications
  1775. Non-accelerator particle physics
  1776. Non-associative algebra and its applications
  1777. Nondestructive evaluation
  1778. Non-equilibrium dynamics of semiconductors and nanostructures
  1779. Nonlinear analysis
  1780. Nonlinear and distributed circuits
  1781. Nonlinear aspects of telecommunications
  1782. Nonlinear control systems
  1783. Nonlinear dynamics and chaos
  1784. Nonlinear evolution equations
  1785. Nonlinear hyperbolic waves in multi-dimensions
  1786. Nonlinear optics
  1787. Nonlinear problems in machine design
  1788. Nonlinear signal and image processing
  1789. Nonlinear time series
  1790. Nonlinearity in structural dynamics
  1791. Nonoscillation and oscillation
  1792. Nonsmooth critical point theory and nonlinear boundary value problems
  1793. Non-unique factorizations
  1794. Normal mode analysis
  1795. Novel nanocrystalline alloys and magnetic nanomaterials
  1796. Novel sensors and sensing
  1797. Nuclear dynamics in the nucleonic regime
  1798. Nuclear forensic analysis
  1799. Nuclear fusion
  1800. Nuclear spin relaxation in liquids
  1801. Nuclear, chemical, and biological terrorism
  1802. Nucleoside triphosphates and their analogs
  1803. Number theory arising from finite fields
  1804. Numerical linear approximation in C
  1805. Numerical methods for finance
  1806. Numerical modeling of water waves
  1807. Numerical techniques in electromagnetics
  1808. Nutraceutical and specialty lipids and their co-products
  1809. Nutraceutical proteins and peptides in health and disease
  1810. Nutraceuticals in health and disease prevention
  1811. Nutrition and AIDS
  1812. Nutrition and heart disease
  1813. Nutritional neuroscience
  1814. Nutritionally enhanced edible oil and oilseed processing
  1815. Observed confidence levels
  1816. Occupational crime
  1817. Occupational exposure assessment for air contaminants
  1818. Oceanographic processes of coral reefs
  1819. Oceanography and marine biology
  1820. Oceanography and marine biology : An Annual Review, Volume 42, 2004
  1821. Oceanography and marine biology : An Annual Review, Volume 43, 2005
  1822. Oceanography and marine biology : An Annual Review, Volume 45, 2007
  1823. Oceanography and marine biology : : An Annual Review, Volume 46, 2008
  1824. Office building safety and health
  1825. Officer-involved shootings and use of force
  1826. Official methods for the determination of trans fat
  1827. On a class of incomplete gamma functions with applications
  1828. One- and two-dimensional fluids
  1829. On-scene guide for crisis negotiators
  1830. Onshore impacts of offshore oil
  1831. Operational calculus and related topics
  1832. Operational performance measurement
  1833. Operations research and management science handbook
  1834. Operations research calculations handbook
  1835. Ophthalmic drug delivery systems
  1836. Optical astronomical spectroscopy
  1837. Optical code division multiple access
  1838. Optical remote sensing
  1839. Optical switching/networking and computing for multimedia systems
  1840. Optical wireless communications
  1841. Optics in magnetic multilayers and nanostructures
  1842. Optimal control of induction heating processes
  1843. Optimal control of singularly perturbed linear systems and applications
  1844. Optimal estimation of dynamic systems
  1845. Optimal measurement methods for distributed parameter system identification
  1846. Optimal statistical inference in financial engineering
  1847. Optimal traffic control
  1848. Optimization methods for manufacturing
  1849. Optimizing human capital with a strategic project office
  1850. Optimizing women's health through nutrition
  1851. Opto-mechatronic systems handbook
  1852. Optomechatronics
  1853. Oracle 11i E-Business Suite from the front lines
  1854. Oracle identity management
  1855. Oracle internals
  1856. Orbital motion
  1857. Ordinary and partial differential equation routines in C, C++, Fortran, Java, Maple, and MATLAB
  1858. Organelles, genomes, and eukaryote phylogeny
  1859. Organic chemicals
  1860. Organic electroluminescence
  1861. Organic light-emitting diodes
  1862. Organic molecular solids
  1863. Organic photochemistry and photophysics
  1864. Organic photovoltaics
  1865. Organic soils and peat materials for sustainable agriculture
  1866. Organizational learning and the learning organization
  1867. Origins
  1868. OSHA compliance management
  1869. Osmotic dehydration & vacuum impregnation
  1870. Outsourcing software development offshore
  1871. Oxidation and antioxidants in organic chemistry and biology
  1872. Oxidative stress, inflammation, and health
  1873. Oxygen-enhanced combustion
  1874. Ozone reaction kinetics for water and wastewater systems
  1875. Packet forwarding technologies
  1876. P-adic functional analysis
  1877. Paraconsistency
  1878. Parallel computing in quantum chemistry
  1879. Parasites of the colder climates
  1880. Parenteral quality control
  1881. Parkinson's disease
  1882. PARP as a therapeutic target
  1883. Partial differential equations
  1884. Partial differential equations on multistructures
  1885. Particle and astroparticle physics
  1886. Particles in water
  1887. Passive micro-optical alignment methods
  1888. Passive, active, and digital filters
  1889. Patent fundamentals for scientists and engineers
  1890. Patent law for scientists and engineers
  1891. Pathogenic fungi in humans and animals
  1892. Pathology of the heart and sudden death in forensic medicine
  1893. Pattern discovery in bioinformatics
  1894. Pattern recognition algorithms for data mining
  1895. Pattern recognition and image preprocessing
  1896. Pattern recognition in speech and language processing
  1897. PCR technology
  1898. PCR/RT-PCR in situ light and electron microscopy
  1899. PDCA/Test
  1900. Percutaneous absorption
  1901. Performance assurance for IT systems
  1902. Performance evaluation and benchmarking
  1903. Performance improvement–making it happen
  1904. Performance modeling and analysis of Bluetooth networks
  1905. Performance optimization of digital communications systems
  1906. Perilla
  1907. Personalized nutrition
  1908. Pesticide profiles
  1909. Pesticide residues in coastal tropical ecosystems
  1910. Pesticides in agriculture and the environment
  1911. Pesticides in stream sediment and aquatic biota
  1912. Pesticides in surface waters
  1913. Pesticides in the atmosphere
  1914. Phage display in biotechnology and drug discovery
  1915. Pharmaceutical and clinical calculations
  1916. Pharmaceutical and medical applications of near-infrared spectroscopy
  1917. Pharmaceutical biotechnology
  1918. Pharmaceutical care
  1919. Pharmaceutical dissolution testing
  1920. Pharmaceutical engineering change control
  1921. Pharmaceutical experimental design
  1922. Pharmaceutical gene delivery systems
  1923. Pharmaceutical inhalation aerosol technology
  1924. Pharmaceutical photostability and stabilization technology
  1925. Pharmaceutical process validation
  1926. Pharmaceutical statistics
  1927. Pharmaceutical stress testing
  1928. Pharmacoethics
  1929. Pharmacogenomics
  1930. Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of abused drugs
  1931. Pharmacotherapy for child and adolescent psychiatric disorders
  1932. Pharmacotherapy of cachexia
  1933. Pharmacotherapy of obesity
  1934. Phase transformations of elements under high pressure
  1935. Phenolics in food and nutraceuticals
  1936. Photonic signal processing
  1937. Photostability of drugs and drug formulations
  1938. Physical abusers and sexual offenders
  1939. Physical chemistry of foods
  1940. Physical database design using Oracle
  1941. Physical metallurgy of direct chill casting of aluminum alloys
  1942. Physical principles of food preservation
  1943. Physical properties of lipids
  1944. Physical properties of thin metal films
  1945. Physical-chemical treatment of water and wastewater
  1946. Physically speaking
  1947. Physician investigator handbook
  1948. Physicochemical treatment of hazardous wastes
  1949. Physics and applications of negative refractive index materials
  1950. Physics for geologists
  1951. Physics of optoelectronics
  1952. Physics of photorefraction in polymers
  1953. Physics of strength and fracture control
  1954. Physiology and biochemistry of sterols
  1955. Phytochemicals
  1956. Phytochemicals in nutrition and health
  1957. Phytoremediation of contaminated soil and water
  1958. Pictorial atlas of soil and seed fungi
  1959. Pipeline engineering
  1960. Piping and pipeline engineering
  1961. Piping and valves
  1962. Plant biotechnology and transgenic plants
  1963. Plant cytogenetics
  1964. Plant development and biotechnology
  1965. Plant roots
  1966. Plant-environment interactions
  1967. Plants for environmental studies
  1968. Plants that fight cancer
  1969. Plasma and fluid turbulence
  1970. Plasma electronics
  1971. Plastics fabrication and recycling
  1972. Plastics fundamentals, properties, and testing
  1973. Point sources and multipoles in inverse scattering theory
  1974. Polarised light in science and nature
  1975. Polarized light
  1976. Polya urn models
  1977. Polymer gels and networks
  1978. Polymer processing instabilities
  1979. Polymer science and technology
  1980. Polymeric biomaterials
  1981. Polymeric drugs & drug delivery systems
  1982. Polymeric foams
  1983. Polymeric foams
  1984. Polymeric gene delivery
  1985. Polymers
  1986. Polymers, phosphors, and voltaics for radioisotope microbatteries
  1987. Polynomial identities and combinatorial methods
  1988. Polysaccharides
  1989. Polyurethanes as specialty chemicals
  1990. Population-level ecological risk assessment
  1991. Pore-forming peptides and protein toxins
  1992. Porous pavements
  1993. Postharvest physiology and pathology of vegetables
  1994. Poultry meat processing
  1995. Poultry products processing
  1996. Power converter circuits
  1997. Power electronic modules
  1998. Power investing with basket securities
  1999. Power quality
  2000. Power system analysis
  2001. Power system capacitors
  2002. Power system stability and control
  2003. Power system state estimation
  2004. Power systems
  2005. Power transformers
  2006. Power vacuum tubes handbook
  2007. Power-switching converters
  2008. Practical analysis and reconstruction of shooting incidents
  2009. Practical aspects of interview and interrogation
  2010. Practical aspects of rape investigation
  2011. Practical bomb scene investigation
  2012. Practical computer analysis of switch mode power supplies
  2013. Practical criminal investigations in correctional facilities
  2014. Practical density measurement and hydrometry
  2015. Practical design and production of optical thin films
  2016. Practical design calculations for groundwater and soil remediation
  2017. Practical design control implementation for medical devices
  2018. Practical drug enforcement
  2019. Practical engineering failure analysis
  2020. Practical Fourier analysis for multigrid methods
  2021. Practical fracture mechanics in design
  2022. Practical GIS analysis
  2023. Practical guide to ICP-MS
  2024. Practical guide to industrial safety
  2025. Practical guide to pressure vessel manufacturing
  2026. Practical hacking techniques and countermeasures
  2027. Practical handbook for private investigators
  2028. Practical handbook of environmental site characterization and ground-water monitoring
  2029. Practical handbook of genetic algorithms
  2030. Practical handbook of genetic algorithms.
  2031. Practical handbook of marine science
  2032. Practical handbook of material flow analysis
  2033. Practical handbook of soil, vadose zone, and ground-water contamination
  2034. Practical handbook on image processing for scientific and technical applications
  2035. Practical holography
  2036. Practical investigation of sex crimes
  2037. Practical manual of groundwater microbiology
  2038. Practical reliability of electronic equipment and products
  2039. Practically speaking
  2040. Precast concrete
  2041. Preclinical drug development
  2042. Predicting chemical toxicity and fate
  2043. Prediction of polymer properties
  2044. Predictive toxicology
  2045. Pressure vessels
  2046. Pressure-sensitive adhesives and applications
  2047. Preventing medication errors and improving drug therapy outcomes
  2048. Primate audition
  2049. Principles and practice of criminalistics
  2050. Principles and reactions of protein extraction, purification, and characterization
  2051. Principles of air quality management
  2052. Principles of bloodstain pattern analysis
  2053. Principles of electrical measurement
  2054. Principles of Fourier analysis
  2055. Principles of hydrogeology
  2056. Principles of kinesic interview and interrogation
  2057. Principles of medical statistics
  2058. Principles of nanophotonics
  2059. Principles of polymer science and technology in cosmetics and personal care
  2060. Principles of structural design
  2061. Principles of thermodynamics
  2062. Prions
  2063. Prions and mad cow disease
  2064. Probability and statistical models with applications
  2065. Probability applications in mechanical design
  2066. Probiotics in food safety and human health
  2067. Problems in water distribution
  2068. Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Difference Equations and Applications
  2069. Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Difference Equations, Augsburg, Germany, 2001
  2070. Process chemistry in the pharmaceutical industry.
  2071. Process engineering economics
  2072. Process imaging for automatic control
  2073. Process modeling in composites manufacturing
  2074. Process validation in manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals
  2075. Process-based software project management
  2076. Processing foods
  2077. Processing fruits
  2078. Processing of high-temperature superconductors at high strain rates
  2079. Produce degradation
  2080. Product design for manufacture and assembly
  2081. Programmable digital signal processors
  2082. Programming ArcObjects with VBA
  2083. Programming language fundamentals by example
  2084. Project management framework
  2085. Propagation handbook for wireless communication system design
  2086. Properties of glass-forming melts
  2087. Protection, security, and safeguards
  2088. Protective relaying for power generation systems
  2089. Protective relaying theory and applications
  2090. Protein arrays, biochips, and proteomics
  2091. Protein misfolding in neurodegenerative diseases
  2092. Protein structure
  2093. Pseudo-differential equations and stochastics over non-Archimedean fields
  2094. Psychological aspects of crisis negotiation
  2095. Pueraria
  2096. Pulsed electric fields in food processing
  2097. Pump characteristics and applications
  2098. Qualitative theory of dynamical systems
  2099. Quality assurance for the food industry
  2100. Quantifying and understanding plant nitrogen uptake systems modeling
  2101. Quantitative methods and applications in GIS
  2102. Quantitative structure-activity relationship (QSAR) models of mutagens and carcinogens
  2103. Quantitative-qualitative friction ridge analysis
  2104. Quantum communications and cryptography
  2105. Quantum computing
  2106. Quantum computing devices
  2107. Quantum integrable systems
  2108. Quantum mechanics
  2109. R graphics
  2110. R programming for bioinformatics
  2111. Radar systems analysis and design using Matlab
  2112. Radiation acoustics
  2113. Radiation technology for polymers
  2114. Radical theory of rings
  2115. Rapid microbiological methods in the pharmaceutical industry
  2116. Rapid prototyping and engineering applications
  2117. Rapid prototyping technology
  2118. Rapid tooling
  2119. Rare-earth-doped fiber lasers and amplifiers
  2120. Reaction-diffusion problems in the physics of hot plasmas
  2121. Real and complex singularities
  2122. Real process improvement using the CMMI
  2123. Recent advances in artificial neural networks
  2124. Recent developments in the Navier-Stokes problem
  2125. Reconstructing the tree of life
  2126. Recurrent neural networks
  2127. Reducing risk with software process improvement
  2128. Re-engineering the chemical processing plant
  2129. Re-engineering the manufacturing system
  2130. Reflexive polymers and hydrogels
  2131. Refractories handbook
  2132. Regional scale ecological risk assessment
  2133. Rehabilitation engineering applied to mobility and manipulation
  2134. Reinforced concrete deep beams
  2135. Reinforced soil engineering
  2136. Relating materials properties to structure
  2137. Relational management and display of site environmental data
  2138. Reliability verification, testing and analysis in engineering design
  2139. Reliability, quality, and safety for engineers
  2140. Remediation engineering
  2141. Remediation of firing range impact berms
  2142. Remediation of petroleum contaminated soils
  2143. Remote sensing and GIS accuracy assessment
  2144. Remote sensing for sustainable forest management
  2145. Remote sensing of impervious surfaces
  2146. Remote sensing of snow and ice
  2147. Renewable energy sources
  2148. Repair, protection and waterproofing of concrete structures
  2149. Reproductive biology and early life history of fishes in the Ohio River drainage
  2150. Reproductive biology and early life history of fishes in the Ohio River drainage.
  2151. Restoration and management of lakes and reservoirs
  2152. Restoration of aquatic systems
  2153. Restoration of boreal and temperate forests
  2154. Restoration of contaminated aquifers
  2155. Reviews in food and nutrition toxicity
  2156. RF and microwave applications and systems
  2157. RF and microwave circuits, measurements, and modeling
  2158. RF and microwave passive and active technologies
  2159. RF and microwave semiconductor device handbook
  2160. Ring theory and algebraic geometry
  2161. Riot control agents
  2162. Riparian areas of the southwestern United States
  2163. Risk analysis in engineering and economics
  2164. Risk analysis in finance and insurance
  2165. Risk assessment and decision making in business and industry
  2166. Risk assessment and indoor air quality
  2167. Risk assessment with time to event models
  2168. Risk modeling for determining value and decision making
  2169. Risk-based analysis for environmental managers
  2170. Roadmap to the e-factory
  2171. Robot manipulator control
  2172. Robotics and automation handbook
  2173. Robust control system design
  2174. Robust Libor modelling and pricing of derivative products
  2175. Robust statistical methods with R
  2176. Roll forming handbook
  2177. Rolling bearing analysis.
  2178. Root cause analysis
  2179. Rotating machinery vibration
  2180. Rotordynamics
  2181. RSA and public-key cryptography
  2182. Rubber recycling
  2183. Run-to-run control in semiconductor manufacturing
  2184. Safety pharmacology in pharmaceutical development and approval
  2185. Safety, health, and asset protection
  2186. Saffron
  2187. Sampling methodologies
  2188. Sampling techniques for forest inventories
  2189. SAS programming
  2190. Satellite communication engineering
  2191. Satellite monitoring of inland and coastal water quality
  2192. Scaffolding in tissue engineering
  2193. Scale-up and optimization in preperative chromatography
  2194. Scanning electrochemical microscopy
  2195. Scanning probe microscopes
  2196. Schonland
  2197. Science and litigation
  2198. Science and technology of terrorism and counterterrorism
  2199. Scientific basis for Ayurvedic therapies
  2200. Scientific examination of documents
  2201. Scientific wet process technology for innovative LSI/FPD manufacturing
  2202. Scientifically speaking
  2203. Seafood and freshwater toxins
  2204. Seafood processing
  2205. Seagrasses
  2206. Second order elliptic integro-differential problems
  2207. Secondary steelmaking
  2208. Securing and controlling Cisco routers
  2209. Security in distributed, grid, mobile, and pervasive computing
  2210. Seeking ultimates
  2211. Self assembly
  2212. Self-organization during friction
  2213. Self-similarity and beyond
  2214. Semiconductor and metal nanocrystals
  2215. Semiconductor industry
  2216. Semiconductor laser fundamentals
  2217. Semiconductor photochemistry and photophysics
  2218. Semisupervised learning in computational linguistics
  2219. Sensitivity and uncertainty analysis
  2220. Sensitivity and uncertainty analysis
  2221. Sensor array signal processing
  2222. Sensors in biomedical applications
  2223. Sensors, Nanoscience, Biomedical Engineering, and Instruments: Sensors Nanoscience Biomedical Engineering
  2224. Sensory-directed flavor analysis
  2225. Separation methods in microanalytical systems
  2226. Serial offenders
  2227. Server disk management in a Windows environment
  2228. Server management
  2229. Service industries
  2230. Service oriented enterprises
  2231. Service-oriented architecture
  2232. Sewer processes
  2233. Sexual murder
  2234. Shaft alignment handbook
  2235. Shallow foundations
  2236. Shape analysis and classification
  2237. Shape optimization and optimal design
  2238. Shengmai san
  2239. Shock waves and explosions
  2240. SiGe and Si strained-layer epitaxy for silicon heterostructure devices
  2241. Signal processing for intelligent sensor systems
  2242. Signal processing for magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy
  2243. Signal processing for mobile communications handbook
  2244. Signal processing for remote sensing
  2245. Signaling through cell adhesion molecules
  2246. Silicon heterostructure devices
  2247. Silicon heterostructure handbook
  2248. Silicon nanoelectronics
  2249. Simulation for designing clinical trials
  2250. Simulation methods for polymers
  2251. Simulation modeling handbook
  2252. Single cell oils
  2253. Site assessment and remediation handbook
  2254. Six sigma and beyond.: Foundations of Excellent Performance, Volume I, 2001
  2255. Six sigma and beyond.: Problem Solving and Basic Mathematics, Volume II, 2001
  2256. Six sigma and beyond. : Statistics and Probability, Volume III, 2002
  2257. Six sigma and beyond. : Design for Six Sigma, Volume VI, 2002
  2258. Six sigma and beyond.: The Implementation Process, Volume VII, 2002
  2259. Six sigma for medical device design
  2260. Six Sigma software development
  2261. Skew-elliptical distributions and their applications
  2262. Sleep
  2263. Sleep disorders and neurological disease
  2264. Sleep-related breathing disorders
  2265. Sliding mode control in engineering
  2266. Slip and fall prevention
  2267. Slippery math in public affairs
  2268. Smart antennas
  2269. Smart biosensor technology
  2270. Smart CMOS image sensors and applications
  2271. Smart structures
  2272. Smectic and columnar liquid crystals
  2273. Smith and Williams' introduction to the principles of drug design and action
  2274. Smooth homogeneous structures in operator theory
  2275. Snack foods processing
  2276. Social information transmission and human biology
  2277. Soft and fragile matter
  2278. Soft condensed matter physics in molecular and cell biology
  2279. Soft materials
  2280. Software architecture design patterns in Java
  2281. Software configuration management
  2282. Software deployment, updating, and patching
  2283. Software development and quality assurance for the healthcare manufacturing industries
  2284. Software engineering handbook
  2285. Software engineering measurement
  2286. Software engineering quality practices
  2287. Software metrics
  2288. Software process quality
  2289. Software requirements
  2290. Software sizing, estimation, and risk management
  2291. Software solutions for engineers and scientists
  2292. Software specification and design
  2293. Software testing and continuous quality improvement
  2294. Soil analysis in forensic taphonomy
  2295. Soil and environmental analysis
  2296. Soil and environmental analysis : Modern Instrumental Techniques, 2003
  2297. Soil and environmental science dictionary
  2298. Soil and rock construction materials
  2299. Soil carbon management
  2300. Soil ecology in sustainable agricultural systems
  2301. Soil engineering
  2302. Soil physics companion
  2303. Soil sampling and methods of analysis
  2304. Soil tillage in agroecosystems
  2305. Soil-water-solute process characterization
  2306. Solid fuels combustion and gasification
  2307. Solid oxide fuel cells
  2308. Solidification and casting
  2309. Solid-state lasers and applications
  2310. Solid-state shear pulverization
  2311. Solubility in supercritical carbon dioxide
  2312. Solvency
  2313. Sonoluminescence
  2314. Soy applications in food
  2315. Soy protein products
  2316. Soybeans as functional foods and ingredients
  2317. Space and life
  2318. Spacecraft power systems
  2319. Spanning trees and optimization problems
  2320. Spatial cluster modelling
  2321. Spatial electric load forecasting
  2322. Spatial epidemiological approaches in disease mapping and analysis
  2323. Specialty corns
  2324. Species sensitivity distributions in ecotoxicology
  2325. Spectral computations for bounded operators
  2326. Spectral functions in mathematics and physics
  2327. Spectral theory and nonlinear functional analysis
  2328. Spectral theory for random and nonautonomous parabolic equations and applications
  2329. Spectroscopy of pharmaceutical solids
  2330. Speculative execution in high-performance computer architectures
  2331. SPICE for power electronics and electric power
  2332. Splitting the second
  2333. Sports nutrition
  2334. Stability of infinite dimensional stochastic differential equations with applications
  2335. Stabilization and solidification of hazardous, radioactive, and mixed wastes
  2336. Stalking crimes and victim protection
  2337. Standard handbook of chains
  2338. Statistical analysis of gene expression microarray data
  2339. Statistical and computational pharmacogenomics
  2340. Statistical data mining and knowledge discovery
  2341. Statistical inference and simulation for spatial point processes
  2342. Statistical methods for spatio-temporal systems
  2343. Statistical methods in computer security
  2344. Statistical modeling and analysis for database marketing
  2345. Statistical modelling with quantile functions
  2346. Statistical process control
  2347. Statistical quality control
  2348. Statistical techniques for data analysis
  2349. Statistical thinking in sports
  2350. Statistical tools for environmental quality measurement
  2351. Statistically speaking
  2352. Statistics for environmental engineers
  2353. Statistics for environmental science and management
  2354. Statistics for fission track analysis
  2355. Statistics in drug research
  2356. Statistics in musicology
  2357. Statistics in the 21st century
  2358. Statistics of the galaxy distribution
  2359. Stereology for statisticians
  2360. Stereoselective polymerization with single-site catalysts
  2361. Sterile product facility design and project management
  2362. Stiffness and damping in mechanical design
  2363. Stink bugs of economic importance in America north of Mexico
  2364. Stochastic partial differential equations and applications
  2365. Stochastic processes and functional analysis
  2366. Stochastic processes in science, engineering, and finance
  2367. Stochastic versus deterministic systems of differential equations
  2368. Stormwater effects handbook
  2369. Strain solitons in solids and how to construct them
  2370. Strained-Si heterostructure field effect devices
  2371. Strategic information security
  2372. Strategic management for the plastics industry
  2373. Strategic management of technological learning
  2374. Strategic software engineering
  2375. Stream ecology & self-purification
  2376. Structural analysis of polymeric composite materials
  2377. Structural biology of the complement system
  2378. Structural genomics and high throughput structural biology
  2379. Structural grouts
  2380. Structural mechanics of buried pipes
  2381. Structural modeling and experimental techniques
  2382. Structure and function in agroecosystem design and management
  2383. Structure and reactions of light exotic nuclei
  2384. Structured credit portfolio analysis, baskets & CDOs
  2385. Subjective probability models for lifetimes
  2386. Submanifolds and holonomy
  2387. Subset selection in regression
  2388. Successful packaged software implementation
  2389. Sulfate attack on concrete
  2390. Supercritical fluid extraction of nutraceuticals and bioactive compounds
  2391. Supercritical fluid technology for drug product development
  2392. Supercritical fluid technology in materials science and engineering
  2393. Supersymmetric gauge field theory and string theory
  2394. Supersymmetry in quantum and classical mechanics
  2395. Supervised and unsupervised pattern recognition
  2396. Supply chain architecture
  2397. Supply chain networks and business process orientation
  2398. Supramolecular design for biological applications
  2399. Supramolecular polymers
  2400. Surface engineering of metals
  2401. Surface phenomena in fusion welding processes
  2402. Surfaces of nanoparticles and porous materials
  2403. Surfactants and polymers in drug delivery
  2404. Surfactants in tribology
  2405. Surimi and surimi seafood
  2406. Survey sampling
  2407. Surviving security
  2408. Sustainable fisheries management
  2409. Swine nutrition
  2410. Switched reluctance motor drives
  2411. Synchronous and resonant DC/DC conversion technology, energy factor, and mathematical modeling
  2412. Synchronous generators
  2413. Synthetic nucleic acids as inhibitors of gene expression
  2414. Systematic approach to evaluation of mouse mutations
  2415. Systematic evaluation of the mouse eye
  2416. Systems thinking
  2417. Taxus
  2418. Techniques in aquatic toxicology.
  2419. Techniques of crime scene investigation
  2420. Technology management handbook
  2421. Technology of fluoropolymers
  2422. Techonomics
  2423. Telecommunications cost management
  2424. Tellurite glasses handbook
  2425. Terramechanics
  2426. Terrorism and homeland security
  2427. Terrorism and organized hate crime
  2428. Terrorist recognition handbook
  2429. Testing for normality
  2430. Testing statistical hypotheses of equivalence
  2431. The 10-step method of stress relief
  2432. The 3-D global spatial data model
  2433. The ABCs of LDAP
  2434. The advanced Project Management Office
  2435. The Alkali-silica reaction in concrete
  2436. The antibodies.
  2437. The art of software modeling
  2438. The art of systems architecting
  2439. The avionics handbook
  2440. The basics of oil spill cleanup
  2441. The biodiesel handbook
  2442. The biology of sea turtles.
  2443. The blood-brain barrier and drug delivery to the CNS
  2444. The business value of IT
  2445. The CAD guidebook
  2446. The care and feeding of an IACUC
  2447. The circuits and filters handbook
  2448. The civil engineering handbook
  2449. The coliform index and waterborne disease
  2450. The communications facility design handbook
  2451. The compiler design handbook
  2452. The complete book of Middleware
  2453. The computer engineering handbook
  2454. The concise encyclopedia of foods & nutrition
  2455. The counterterrorism handbook
  2456. The CRC handbook of combinatorial designs
  2457. The CRC handbook of mechanical engineering
  2458. The CRC handbook of modern telecommunications
  2459. The CRC handbook of solid state electrochemistry
  2460. The CRC handbook of thermal engineering
  2461. The CRC master keyword guide for food
  2462. The curve shortening problem
  2463. The data book of astronomy
  2464. The design life of structures
  2465. The design of manufacturing systems
  2466. The e-business handbook
  2467. The ecology of seashores
  2468. The economics of groundwater remediation and protection
  2469. The economics of international trade and the environment
  2470. The efficient enterprise
  2471. The electric power engineering handbook
  2472. The electrical engineering handbook
  2473. The electronics handbook
  2474. The EM algorithm and related statistical models
  2475. The engineering handbook
  2476. The Engineer's cost handbook
  2477. The ethical hack
  2478. The forensic anthropology laboratory
  2479. The forensic evaluation of traumatic brain injury
  2480. The fungal community
  2481. The galactic black hole
  2482. The geology of the Everglades and adjacent areas
  2483. The German economy in the twentieth century
  2484. The hacker's handbook
  2485. The handbook of ad hoc wireless networks
  2486. The handbook of formulas and tables for signal processing
  2487. The handbook of groundwater engineering
  2488. The handbook of highway engineering
  2489. The handbook of mobile middleware
  2490. The handbook of optical communication networks
  2491. The hands-on project office
  2492. The health care provider's guide to facing the malpractice deposition
  2493. The Hilbert-Huang transform in engineering
  2494. The HIPAA program reference handbook
  2495. The history of the laser
  2496. The human brain during the late first trimester
  2497. The human brain during the second trimester
  2498. The human brain during the third trimester
  2499. The illustrated wavelet transform handbook
  2500. The image processing handbook
  2501. The induction machine handbook
  2502. The industrial communication technology handbook
  2503. The industrial information technology handbook
  2504. The insider's guide to outsourcing risks and rewards
  2505. The interaction of high-power lasers with plasmas
  2506. The Internet of things
  2507. The John Zink combustion handbook
  2508. The laboratory mouse
  2509. The laboratory nonhuman primate
  2510. The laboratory rat
  2511. The laboratory swine
  2512. The laws of software process
  2513. The lipid handbook with CD-ROM
  2514. The manufacturer's guide to implementing the theory of constraints
  2515. The Maple book
  2516. The mathematics companion
  2517. The mathematics of thermal modeling
  2518. The mechanical systems design handbook
  2519. The mechatronics handbook
  2520. The medical device R & D handbook
  2521. The MEMS handbook
  2522. The metabolism and molecular physiology of Saccharomyces cerevisiae
  2523. The method of moments in electromagnetics
  2524. The nature of difference
  2525. The Navier-Stokes equations
  2526. The neurobiology of aggression and rage
  2527. The neurophysics of human behavior
  2528. The ocean engineering handbook
  2529. The organic chemistry of sugars
  2530. The organization and management of construction
  2531. The organizational engineering approach to project management
  2532. The particle century
  2533. The PC graphics handbook
  2534. The pharmaceutical regulatory process
  2535. The pharmacology of Chinese herbs
  2536. The philosopher's tree
  2537. The physics of conformal radiotherapy
  2538. The physics of interstellar dust
  2539. The physics of medical imaging
  2540. The physics of modern brachytherapy for oncology
  2541. The physics of three-dimensional radiation therapy
  2542. The plasma boundary of magnetic fusion devices
  2543. The plastic film and foil Web handling guide
  2544. The potential of U.S. forest soils to sequester carbon and mitigate the greenhouse effect
  2545. The potential of U.S. grazing lands to sequester carbon and mitigate the greenhouse effect
  2546. The power electronics handbook
  2547. The practical guide to HIPAA privacy and security compliance
  2548. The practical handbook of genetic algorithms
  2549. The practical handbook of Internet computing
  2550. The practical methodology of forensic photography
  2551. The practice of crime scene investigation
  2552. The primate visual system
  2553. The psychology of safety handbook
  2554. The real-time enterprise
  2555. The resource handbook of electronics
  2556. The restless universe
  2557. The RF and microwave handbook
  2558. The rhizosphere
  2559. The rise of the superconductors
  2560. The road to manufacturing success
  2561. The ROI from software quality
  2562. The role of glia in neurotoxicity
  2563. The safety officer's concise desk reference
  2564. The science of soccer
  2565. The scientist or engineer as an expert witness
  2566. The security risk assessment handbook
  2567. The selection and use of contract research organizations
  2568. The sexual exploitation of children
  2569. The shape of space
  2570. The soft drinks companion
  2571. The somatosensory system
  2572. The southern forest
  2573. The spinal cord from gestational week 4 to the 4th postnatal month
  2574. The structure of complex Lie groups
  2575. The superior colliculus
  2576. The supply chain manager's problem-solver
  2577. The systems thinking approach to strategic planning and management
  2578. The telecommunications handbook
  2579. The telecommunications illustrated dictionary
  2580. The ten most wanted solutions in protein bioinformatics
  2581. The theory of the design of experiments
  2582. The thermophysics of porous media
  2583. The total CISSP exam prep book
  2584. The transform and data compression handbook
  2585. The transforms and applications handbook
  2586. The vacuum interrupter
  2587. The VLSI handbook
  2588. The War on Terrorism
  2589. The watershed project management guide
  2590. The windows serial port programming handbook
  2591. Theorems of Leray-Schauder type and applications
  2592. Theories of geographic concepts
  2593. Theory and practice of contemporary pharmaceutics
  2594. Theory of difference equations
  2595. Therapeutic applications of Monte Carlo calculations in nuclear medicine
  2596. Thermal and catalytic processes in petroleum refining
  2597. Thermal design of electronic equipment
  2598. Thermal food processing
  2599. Thermodynamics
  2600. Thermoelectrics handbook
  2601. Thermoplastic foam processing
  2602. Thermosetting polymers
  2603. Thermotropic liquid crystal polymers
  2604. Thin layer chromatography in chiral separations and analysis
  2605. Thin plates and shells
  2606. Thin-film optical filters
  2607. Thin-film transistors
  2608. Thinking for a change
  2609. Thin-layer chromatography
  2610. Thyme
  2611. Tight junctions
  2612. Timber, its nature and behaviour
  2613. Time of death, decomposition and identification
  2614. Time-domain computer analysis of nonlinear hybrid systems
  2615. Time-series forecasting
  2616. Tire and tire track evidence
  2617. Tissue engineering
  2618. Tissue engineering and artificial organs
  2619. Tissue engineering and novel delivery systems
  2620. Titanium alloys
  2621. Tomato plant culture
  2622. Topics in modelling of clustered data
  2623. Topics on continua
  2624. Topological degree theory and applications
  2625. Topological quantum field theories from subfactors
  2626. Totally integrated enterprises
  2627. Toxicological chemistry and biochemistry
  2628. Toxicology
  2629. Toxicology of glutathione transferases
  2630. Toxins in food
  2631. Trace elements in soil
  2632. Trace elements in soils and plants
  2633. Trace elements in the environment
  2634. Trace elements in the rhizosphere
  2635. Trace environmental quantitative analysis
  2636. Transactional Six Sigma and Lean Servicing
  2637. Transcription regulation in prokaryotes
  2638. Transdermal drug delivery
  2639. Transform methods for solving partial differential equations
  2640. Transformer and inductor design handbook
  2641. Transformer design principles
  2642. Transgenic plants and crops
  2643. Transistor circuit techniques
  2644. Transmission line matrix in computational mechanics
  2645. Transnational criminal organizations, cybercrime, and money laundering
  2646. Transport phenomena in food processing
  2647. Transport processes in pharmaceutical systems
  2648. Transportation systems planning
  2649. Traumatic brain injury
  2650. Triple C Model of project management
  2651. Trophic organization in coastal systems
  2652. Tropical agroecosystems
  2653. Tropical forage plants
  2654. Trust management in virtual work environments
  2655. Tunnelling
  2656. Turbomachinery
  2657. Turmeric
  2658. Twentieth century physics
  2659. Ultrafast infrared and Raman spectroscopy
  2660. Ultrafast lasers
  2661. Ultrafast photonics
  2662. Ultrasonic nondestructive evaluation
  2663. Ultrasound in medicine
  2664. Ultraviolet light in water and wastewater sanitation
  2665. Ultraviolet spectroscopy and UV lasers
  2666. Ultra-wideband radar technology
  2667. UML for developing knowledge management systems
  2668. Unbounded functionals in the calculus of variations
  2669. Uncertainty modeling and analysis in engineering and the sciences
  2670. Understanding broadband over power line
  2671. Understanding drug release and absorption mechanisms
  2672. Understanding dynamics of geographic domains
  2673. Understanding electric utilities and de-regulation
  2674. Understanding forest disturbance and spatial pattern
  2675. Understanding IPTV
  2676. Understanding risk
  2677. Understanding surveillance technologies
  2678. Understanding wetlands
  2679. Unilateral contact problems
  2680. Uninterruptible power supplies and active filters
  2681. Unit operations in food engineering
  2682. UNIX administration
  2683. Unraveling lipid metabolism with microarrays
  2684. Unsaturated soils
  2685. Using artificial intelligence in chemistry and biology
  2686. Using mass spectrometry for drug metabolism studies
  2687. Using models to improve the supply chain
  2688. Using the agricultural, environmental, and food literature
  2689. Using the common criteria for IT security evaluation
  2690. V.A. Fock - selected works
  2691. Vaccines, from concept to clinic
  2692. Validating medical packaging
  2693. Validating pharmaceutical systems
  2694. Validation standard operating procedures
  2695. Valuation of ecological resources
  2696. Value engineering
  2697. Vapor compression heat pumps with refrigerant mixtures
  2698. Variable speed generators
  2699. Vegetable crops
  2700. Vegetables, fruits, and herbs in health promotion
  2701. Vehicle crash mechanics
  2702. Vehicle stability
  2703. Vehicular accident investigation and reconstruction
  2704. Vehicular electric power systems
  2705. Verification of computer codes in computational science and engineering
  2706. Vibration and shock handbook
  2707. Vibration simulation using MATLAB and ANSYS
  2708. Vinyl acetate emulsion polymerization and copolymerization with acrylic monomers
  2709. Violence assessment and intervention
  2710. Virtual project management
  2711. Virtual reality in geography
  2712. Virtual screening in drug discovery
  2713. Viscous fluid flow
  2714. Visible infrared imager radiometer suite
  2715. Visualizing statistical models and concepts
  2716. Vitamin analysis for the health and food sciences
  2717. Vitamins in foods
  2718. VLSI custom microelectronics
  2719. VLSI technology
  2720. VMware ESX essentials in the virtual data center
  2721. VOC emissions from wastewater treatment plants
  2722. Waste management practices
  2723. Waste sites as biological reactors
  2724. Waste treatment in the food processing industry
  2725. Water and wastewater finance and pricing
  2726. Water flow in soils
  2727. Water privatisation
  2728. Water properties of food, pharmaceutical, and biological materials
  2729. Water resources engineering in Karst
  2730. Water resources systems analysis
  2731. Water reuse for irrigation
  2732. Water, wastewater, and stormwater infrastructure management
  2733. Watermarking systems engineering
  2734. Watershed health monitoring
  2735. Watershed models
  2736. Wavelets and multiwavelets
  2737. Web data mining and applications in business intelligence and counter-terrorism
  2738. Wetland indicators
  2739. Wetland plants
  2740. Wetland soils
  2741. Wet-weather flow in the urban watershed
  2742. What every engineer should know about business communication
  2743. What every engineer should know about decision making under uncertainty
  2744. What every engineer should know about developing real-time embedded products
  2745. Wildlife science
  2746. WiMAX: A Wireless Technology Revolution
  2747. WiMAX: Taking Wireless to the MAX
  2748. WiMAX: Standards and Security
  2749. WiMAX: Applications
  2750. Wind and earthquake resistant buildings
  2751. Wind and solar power systems
  2752. Wind loading of structures
  2753. Winning the outsourcing game
  2754. Wireless ad hoc and sensor networks
  2755. Wireless Internet handbook
  2756. Wireless mesh networks
  2757. Wireless sensor networks
  2758. Wireless sensors and instruments
  2759. Workplace drug testing
  2760. Write it down
  2761. Writing and designing manuals
  2762. XML databases and the semantic Web
  2763. Yoshio Nishina